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So I decided to update my site a little, what do you all think of the change? I was looking to make it much more unobtrusive, and I think this helps.

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The day has finally arrived! We talked about hitting the beach early, but we didn't get ready early enough. So we headed up to Beverly Hills. On the way we stopped at Fry's to see if they had anything good. Eventually we got of on Santa Monica Blvd. and started heading East. We ended up passing by the Los Angeles Temple. We didn't even know it was there. The crazy thing was driving through Beverly Hills (which is junk by the way!) we saw the temperature hit 99 degrees! Eventually we headed north to Hollywood Blvd to check the sights (And Hollywood is also trash!). We walked portions of the walk of fame, and saw many names. We didn't know at the time that U2 had a star, or we would have looked for it. So we checked out the Kodak Theater, and Grauman's Chinese Theater. Some cool stuff there for sure! We got a couple pictures of some of the hand and footprints in the concrete at Grauman's like Star Wars, and Star Trek. That was pretty cool. After that we headed down a little bit to the La Brea Tar Pits. That is kinda crazy. It's like one block in the middle of the city. The movies to really make it look bigger than it is. Then back up to Beverly Hills to eat at the Hard Rock (Although I guess it's actually LA). Then it was show time!

We began the short journey to the Staples Center. An hour later we got there. J/K it wasn't that bad, but it was the worst traffic we encountered the whole trip. We got there, took some pictures and found our seats. The very last row in the upper nosebleed section. But it wasn't that bad. The Staples Center is smaller than the Delta Center, and we were directly to the side of the stage, not directly in front. That would have been worse. The Kings of Leon opened. They played their song that is on some TV commercials, then everything else sounded the same. Then the reason for the whole trip.

Tony and I head out to take a quick pee, and we start hearing... Everyone, Everyone, Everyone! We knew it was the beginning of the concert! We rushed back into the arena just at U2 came out! Made it back to our seats for City Of Blinding Lights to begin. Very cool! Next up was Vertigo, and it was then we saw the lights of the stage really go! That was so cool! Then Elevation. Not as cool as during the Elevation Tour, but still very cool! Then back to the Boy days. Electric Co. followed by The Ocean! The Ocean! A song that hadn't been played in 23 years! And I was there to hear it! It was so cool, but it seemed like lots of people didn't know the song. A couple more songs, then Miracle Drug. As it was starting Bono was talking about Pope John Paul II, and when he gave him some Fly shades! That was pretty funny. A couple more songs, then ZOO STATION!!! That was so very BAD!!! Then The Fly! Those were so cool to hear! I became a U2 fan just before the Pop Tour, so I had never seen those two songs live. It was so very cool! Then Mysterious Ways. Bono pulled a girl onto the ellipse, then another "well endowed" girl climbed up to follow. She was psycho! She scared Bono, who ran away from her with the first girl. Then the encore. Pride, Streets, then One. Bono had all the lights killed and asked all of us to hold up our cell phones. "They're dangerous little devices" Bono said. It looked really cool! A very cool concert! I kept trying to sing along to "40", but my voice was just giving out. I sang until the house lights came back up. Great show!

The complete setlist is as follows:
City Of Blinding Lights
The Cry/The Electric Co.
The Ocean
New Year's Day
Beautiful Day
Miracle Drug
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
Love And Peace Or Else
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet The Blue Sky / The Hands That Built America (snippet) / When Johnny Comes Marching Home (snippet)
Running To Stand Still
Zoo Station
The Fly
Mysterious Ways

Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Where The Streets Have No Name
One / Unchained Melody (snippet)
All Because Of You

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So this morning we headed down to San Diego. We passed an interesting movie location you will have to check out in the photo gallery when I upload them. Once down there we headed to the beach on Coronado Island. We get in the water, and about 3 minutes later Matt says he cut his foot. He gets out, and we look at it, he was stung my a sting ray! The lifeguard takes him to get treated. Tony and I continue to try to body surf in the same location for a while until Matt is done, then we go get him. With his foot still sore we headed to visit one of his childhood memories, Papachino's Pizza. It was pretty good pizza! We then headed back up to Rancho Santa Margarita, hung out for a bit, the headed to the movies to see Sin City. We didn't get back until like 1 am. Long day with lots of driving!

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This was the day I met LA traffic. We decided to have breakfast before we left at McDonald's. While we were ordering, an asian man came up the the counter and started yelling. "I order two dollar fifty nine cents! Two dollar fifty nine cents!", "You speak engrish!?", "Two dollar fifty nine cents!" It was one of the funniest things!

After eating and laughing, we left Vegas and took I-15 all the way down to the 91 in LA. We needed to go to El Segundo to get a parking ticket from a fellow U2 fan. El Segundo is on the far west side of LA. I mean like next to the ocean far side! It's on the south border of LAX. So we went down there to get our ticket. The 91 was an ugly mess. But their car pool lanes can rule! If it wasn't for those we would have been really screwed. But we averaged probably 55-60 at 4 pm going to El Segundo. After talking with the guy for a while we headed down to Tony & Matt's Aunt & Uncle's place where we were staying. This was a long journey down the 405 past Long Beach, down I-5, then across the streets of Mission Viejo to Rancho Santa Margarita. The East side of LA. The O.C. After we got there we decided to just crash for the night.

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I know I was promising updates more often, but due to technological problems I have been unable to until now. As I write these I will post them on those dates.

So where to start... How about from the beginning!

We left Sunday morning to head down to Vegas. Nothing of interest happened then. We decided to stop in St. George on the way down to fill up & get lunch. After we got out of the canyon, in Arizona, I see a yellow car coming up fast behind us. I was asking Tony and Matt if they could see what it was. It was low! Right as it gets up I realize its a Lamborghini! Very nice! He was probably doing about 100. We got some photos coming soon. We got to Vegas around 3pm. Driving in past the Las Vegas Motor Speedway made me decide, I'm going to a race down there! So we get down there and get our room at the good old Motel 6. It was really easy access to the freeway from there! After checking in we decide to head to the strip and check things out. We parked at Caesars Palace, and started walking. We went through the casino to get out to the strip. Once there we went down to the Bellagio. Walked through there, then crossed the strip to check out the other side. Ended up going into the shops at the Aladdin. We then decided it was time to eat, so we headed over the the Forum at Caesar's. All the way down that thing to the Cheesecake Factory. The wait there was like an hour, so we went across the street to the Venitian to hit the Grand Lux Cafe. I had their jambalaya. It was alright. Nothing does compare to the real stuff in the south! We were hoping to catch the Mirage volcano, but it was too windy, so they didn't have it. Then we went back to sleep. Now we were on a budget, so going on the rides at New York New York wasn't possible. I must say though that Vegas is trash. It seem's like all my friends love it, but I've decided that Vegas sucks. You watch the people gambling, and it looks like they have lost their soul to the casino. I was just very unimpressed!

I have to run, but to get you excited upcoming is the story of Mr. $2.59!! And St. Hubbins meets a stingray!

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Sorry my site was down today. The server didn't have enough time to shutdown before the UPS died. I have adjusted the times so hopefully it won't happen again... I will test it tonight.


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In case you don't know, I am driving down to L.A. on Conference Sunday to see U2! :D I am going with eviltone, and St. Hubbins. I am so excited! We decided to stay the night down in Vegas, so that evening will be a party night! I was hoping to go see The Joshua Tree (yes the real one that U2 stood in front of), but it fell down back in 2000. I know approximately where it is (the mile marker and road it's off of), but it would be like a 400 mile detour on our way to L.A. so we are bagging it. I do hope to see it soon! As it has fallen over I won't be around forever! But I am so excited! We do have upper bowl seats, but it will still be cool... (And I have 4 General Admission floor tickets for Salt Lake! But sorry, they are all spoken for.) But I am totally stoked! Today in the freezer I was singing ?Lemon? throughout the day. "She wore lemon!"

Speaking of work today, it was inventory. I went in at 8 am, and left just before 11pm. Yup, just under 15 hours. And about 4 hours there is overtime. Plus I have at least 2 hours of work to do from home tomorrow, so I will get some good money this next check!

But that's good because I'm going to U2!!!!!!! The day of the show we will go see the liquor store (now Mexican restaurant) where the "Where the Streets Have No Name" video was shot. And two blocks from there is the Million Dollar Hotel. So we will see a couple U2 "historical" sites. And both are like 10 blocks from the Staples Center. Yeah... I'm excited! U2! U2! U2! :D

If I can I will try to update this with our progress and what has happened on our "Musical Journey"(It would have been a better musical journey, but Collective Soul cancelled their concert! :( ).

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Prove me wrong!

#21 Kevin Harvick's stock car from the NASCAR Busch series. This car was last driven at Texas Motor Speedway last year.

I even got to start the car and feather the gas!

Like I said, my day was better than yours! :P

(more pics coming soon!)

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So today at about 11 am, the power failed. The UPS kicked right over! The power was only out for like 15 seconds, but it kept this server up and running, whereas before it would have crashed and waited for me to manually reboot it. Hooray! :D Plus I finally got my car inspected! Big thank you to those responsible for finding the hookup to help me with this!


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You may recall a time when my server went down, and didn't come up for a while. I have just gotten a new UPS to attach to my server, so hopefully we won't see that happening again. With that my server will be shutdown tonight for the installation at about 11 PM. Hopefully our power outages won't be long enough to need the server to shutdown.


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That is the goal. 50 lbs. No time frame. Just 50 lbs. Gold's Gym opened up right next to Macey's, so if having it that close doesn't help, nothing will.

First thing I did was drop soda. I'm going to miss my Vanilla Dr. Peppers. But that is an easy 30 lbs I have lost before. So today I met with a personal trainer, for an evaluation. I am so sore! He totally kicked my butt! But as I have no clue on how to best work out, I am going to meet with a trainer twice a month, get my butt kicked, and learn how to best work out, so I kill the fat! I don't just want to lose it, I plan to KILL it!!! Very Happy (plus the fact that I don't know how to best workout to lose weight)

Besides weight loss, the other thing we are going to work on will be my biking strength, and endurance. Rich, you are so screwed!

Just wait until you all see me in a years time... (of course you'll see it gradually...) So photo time!

Yeah I look stupid... But remember... 50 lbs...

Just another effect of "Single Awareness Day"

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Here's my advice to the unorganized (like me!) When doing laundry, be sure to remove your cell phone from your pocket!

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Ok so I need everyone's help. I really want to get my photo gallery having good proper descriptions. So if there are photos that you are in, or photos that you were there for, please register! I just opened up registration to anyone. Your account must be activated by me first however. So if there is a picture of you in my gallery lets get a good description and caption on it!

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Are your kids hackers?! Well probably not as most of you who view my site don't have old enough kids. So then the question is do you know how to identify when they become hackers? Be sure to read this article so you will be able to identify if you children become hackers.

On a related note, it looks like I will be taking a class this semester on Linux (Lunix?). It is taught by an instructor for Guru Labs. The class is the same as their Linux System Administration class, and will be very sweet!!! He is a RHCE, so he knows his stuff. :D

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Since the alpha version of Gallery2 had been running pretty good as far as I could tell, I decided to use it full time. If you see any problems with it, please let me know! I re-imported all of the old gallery, so everything should be there. Permissions should be the same as the old gallery as well. If you have an account and don't have the permissions you should, let me know! I still need to go through each album and change the layout, but all new albums will have the proper layout(at least the one I like :) ).

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This floated around a while ago, but I like it so I'm going to post it here. It's the rules from the male side. Because of its length you will have to click below to read it. Also because I wanted to give that feature of b2evolution a try &#59;)

Read more »

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From The Canyons:

Jan. 26th - "Collective Soul" live at The Canyons
"Collective Soul" will be performing live at The Canyons on Wednesday, January 26th, 2005 during the Sundance Film Festival. This concert and fireworks display will be FREE, so stay tuned for more details.

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Well the new year is here. So resolutions? Hrmm... There is a lot I want to do with myself, the question is motivation. Of course losing weight would be a great thing. The lowest I have been since my mission was just under 200lbs, and I've gone back up to 225lbs at the moment. I'd like to keep my room cleaner. And I'd like to avoid women! Well... like I said below no women who play games. So I need a woman who won't play games, and who is completely honest. I've been on both sides, one who was completely honest, and one who didn't play games. Now to just find both... I'd like to work harder. And do better in school. There is lots I would like to do with my personal life. Always room to grow!

edit: Actually Jillian played games and lied. Yet I still think of her.... (at least it's not every day!)

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Merry Christmas everyone! Have a happy and safe day!

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On Christmas day CompUSA is having a one day online sale. You can't see anything in the link now, but it will go active on Christmas day, so come back on Christmas Day, and go to this link, and check their sale. I don't know if it will suck or not, only one way to see!

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