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My favorite city of my mission is about to be destroyed. This SUCKS! :( I'm spending the night watching CNN. I hear most people evacuated. This still sucks. My mission is about to be hit hard. It looks like Houston will be spared. I was only in Beaumont for 5 days. But Lake Charles may be on the east side of the eye wall. The worst possible place. This sucks. :( So I'll be here scanning all my Lake Charles photos.

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Today I went golfing with Matt at River Oaks. We both sucked it up. Bad. I did hit a 49, but that is with our lax rules! I took so many mulligans off the tee... so many. I think I lost like 12-15 balls today. Man that was bad. I played my driver and my irons horribly. Today I putted great. It was exactly the opposite of last time I played. I hit 2 holes for par. Most of my tee shots would slice horribly. Except the one I was counting on of course, that one went straight as an arrow. Out of bounds... doh! I'm hitting like 250-300 yards, but it slices... Sucks! Hopefully next time will be better.

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So I hadn't updated this as I didn't think anyone loved me anymore. I was wrong. So the last couple days..

Monday nothing happened. Seriously, my life is not all that interesting. I pretty much sat around, and watched TV.

Tuesday I took a nap, then went to school. During school though Rich and I were talking about replacing his stereo with an after market head unit. There is a iPod interface that Pioneer makes that will show artist/album information. Much better than D1 T3 like the BMW iPod interface. So he was looking at compatible HU's. So that night I went home and was searching the Audi forums. I have found out it is possible to move the climate controls down, and make my dash a double din. [Disclaimer: this is a long term idea, I'm not doing this next week!] This means I can add another HU in my car. There is only one option I want. The Pioneer AVIC-N2, a single din navigation system. So I would have the AVIC on top, and my empeg below in my dash. I would want an additional DVD player, so that while I was using the NAV system, my passengers could watch a DVD on the Visor, and 2 headrest monitors. Yeah, that would be sweet. Oh so sweet.

Yesterday I went over to Rich's to do a custom install of a new Pioneer DEH-P3700. We didn't want to use one of the install kits out there, so we made our own. It turned out looking really good! It took us some time, but we were improvising on tools to get it done. We took at flat piece of plastic, cut it to fill the 1.5 Din opening, then made a hole for the deck to go through. It didn't sit flush with the dash, so we added a small piece of plastic between the frame of the dash, and the plastic to push it forward as a spacer. That made it look perfect. So now he needs the iPod interface, and we will install it.


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So yesterday after work I hung out at home. Then fell asleep. D'oh! Chelsey had talked about hanging out with them, and a cute girl I went out with months ago. But they never called saying it would happen. So I watched Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Then at 11:15 I was flipping channels, and came to Cartoon Network. Justice League Unlimited! I couldn't believe it! JLU! I thought it was over! The final 2 episodes being titled "Divided We Fall" and then "Epilogue" you think the show is over. BUT ITS NOT!! :D :D :D So there were 2 NEW episodes on that night, and 2 new ones this coming Saturday. I'm stoked!

Today I spent hours writing an email to my former assistant Nick. It would have gone faster if I didn't get distracted, and could find his last letter to me. If I can keep writing here regularly, which I've been doing pretty well, I should be able to write to him weekly. Since he has Monday P-days, writing Sunday is perfect. Now just to execute it!

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So first off, I went golfing on Thursday with Matt Macey over at The Old Mill Golf Course. Man it had rough greens! I played my irons, and driver very well, but lost it all putting! It would break all over the place! They were like greens I have never played before. It tells me I really need to get my putting better. Man it was rough. Then it was another fun school day. We had a lab on EIGRP (a routing protocol if that helps.... probably not). Rich and I spent like 40 minutes trying to debug a problem as we were having inconsistent results. We finally found out our router was bad!!! @!#$%$DF$#$ We were pissed! So yeah... that sucked.

Today after work it was time for the gym! I got pumped up! After that it was over to Eric's house to chill, and watch a movie. We rented Sahara... not a bad show.

So finally... what you have all been waiting for... I invite you to become a Pastafarian! Join the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster! FSM is for you! You all know that The Flying Spaghetti Monster is where it's at.

[disclaimer: No, none of my beliefs changed... reading some posts by people make me realize how stupid they all are... Will the missionaries have any success against people like this (Fark.com on Utah rejecting ID in schools). Anyways I thought it was pretty funny, if you remember it is a SATIRICAL religion. I don't want to get into a debate about weather or not teaching ID(or the Creation) in schools is right or wrong... Thats for the forums... &#59;)]

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Today nothing happened. Seriously. Nothing. I went to work. Came home. Took a 2 hour nap. Then sat around watching TV and surfin the web. That's it. Right now I am extracting some shows off my TiVo. So I'll be making some DVD's tonight. And that's pretty much it.

I did come up with a really bad joke at work today.

"If you look around the store today, you can really feel that Halloween is coming soon.......

wait for it.....

Because the store is so dead!!!"
ROFL... LOL... GRIN... SMIRK... I know... bad joke. This is why I work in grocery. :)

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So... lets see...

After work I went over to Eric & Natalie's house and we all carpooled up to Jason's place. Tonight was the night of the fish tank move. So we did that. Just before 1 am we went home. That was a late night. The highlight of the night (as nothing else really interesting happened) was when Jason and I stopped by his storage shed to get some coolers, we found a golf ball! Woo hoo! Gotta love finding balls!

Once again after work it was off to help a friend. This time it was Eric. We did a little work on sanding his house so he can paint it, but the major job was still waiting. We needed to lift his new solid concrete fireplace into his house. So we had myself, Eric, Cliff, Eric's Dad (if you don't know those last 3 guys are huge!), Ryan (way strong for his size), Aaron, and Natalie's cousin Bryan (sp). So 7 guys. even with all that it really sucked! After much heaving, bracing, tripping, pulling, pushing, and lifting we finally got it into position. No going back now Eric! (at least I'm not moving it in one piece again!). After that Eric and I ran to get some stuff for his house from Home Depot, then watched some Batman. Speaking of which, this weeks episode of The Batman was killer!!! I've still got it on my TiVo because it ruled! I love character developmental shows. If it's the same old beat the bad guy it's just not the same. That is why JLU ruled, and why The Batman is so cool.

Kristi and Dana came up to eat our food &#59;) Other than that I spent time authoring DVD's to free up space on my computer.

I needed a me day (sorry Jason). Last week my nights were like this: Clean up from wheeling, School, Help Jason, School, Help Jason, Help Eric. Yeah I did go golfing on Thursday, but I just felt like I needed some me time. So last night I cleaned. First I washed my car. I went to the Sandy Car Wash (formerly Mom's) like I usually do. Their equipment was so screwed up! I tried 2 bays, and the wax and spot free rinse didn't work. So after wasting that money I drove up to the one on 13th and 94th. Finished washing my car there. I totally cleaned it out, vacuumed, even sprayed the black stuff on the tires. So yeah... Now my car looks pimpin! After that was my room. I really cleaned it up. Got my laundry done. Even cleaned my desk! Not everything is done, but it is so much better! In case you were wondering, the carpet is blue. &#59;)

Today was a normal day at work, except I was taken out to Famous Dave's. What a great place. MMMMMM.... I got some stuff to clean my tub, and it is sitting on there now... hopefully dissolving the soap scum that has built up. Then tonight I have school. Excitement like you wouldn't believe I tell you! So unless something crazy happens, I'm sure that is all for now! I have a 2:16 tee time on Thursday at Old Mill Golf Course, so I'll let y'all know how that goes.


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I must say DHL rules! This morning at 10 am they came to deliver 2 packages to me (my new DVD drive for my laptop from Dell, and some 110 blades for my punchdown tool from Fry's (Outpost.com)). I heard the doorbell ring, but I was tired... so I went back to sleep. Later I noticed the little note that they attempted delivery. It didn't say when they would retry delivery, just that they would. So I signed the note and went to go play golf (more on that in a minute!). When I got home from school tonight they had returned to deliver the packages! These guys rule!!! Dell shipped my package on Wednesday. And so did Fry's ($7 for 2nd day). Seriously, everyone use DHL whenever you can. My dad can tell you just how much UPS sucks. They are so slow!!! DHL Forever!

So like I mentioned, I went golfing today with Tony and Matt out at West Ridge Golf Course. It is right next to USANA Ampitheatre. We played the back nine, par was 35. I hit 48! Only 13 over par! And I beat Tony by one stroke! We had a close game though. I hit (if I remember right...)
Hole: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Total
PAR : 5 | 3 | 5 | 3 | 4 | 4 | 3 | 4 | 4 | - 35
Mike: 8 | 3 | 5 | 4 | 6 | 6 | 4 | 6 | 6 | - 48
Tony: 8 | 3 | 4 | 4 | 6 | 6 | 5 | 7 | 6 | - 49

What a cool game that was!!! Unfortunatley I took four strokes putting on the first hole. I should have gotten a bogey (1 over, in this case a 6), but it didn't happen. We walked the course this time. I really enjoyed it! You burn calories, and you're playing golf! What could be better!

School has been cool. Tonight we had a lab. Rich and I both made some of the stupidest mistakes! That was frustrating. But after a while I was getting down the stuff we were doing (NAT). What is going to be rough is making sure I have it in my head so I can take the test at the end of the semester!

Last night after work I went up to Jason & Jodi's new house. It is so very close to being done! We all did little things. I moved all the basement boxes of stuff downstairs, and moved all the appliances into place. I helped Gary a bit with the entry beams, and a bit with the railing. The important thing I did was a drink run! I got Jason some Dew, Eric a SoBe No Fear, and I got a gallon of water! I was so thirsty! We all left just before 1 am. They were going to get their first inspection today, I haven't heard how that went, and they are getting their final inspection tomorrow.

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So for Labor Day I went out wheeling with Eric and his brother to the sand dunes. I have just put some pictures from the trip in the gallery. It was fun but expensive! I definitely don't think I will be able to go again for a while! We spent $60 on gas just to get down there! That doesn't even count the gas for the machines! Another time...

I have been having troubles with the DVD drive on my laptop. I hate calling up India for support!!!! After explaining several times how I have proved the drive is bad, and not my laptop, they finally agreed to send me a new drive. The lame part is at the end of the call they ask how was your experience today... I said good just because I didn't want to explain why I thought it sucked. So very lame! I hate calling India for support.

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I thought this was hilarious! It's about Microsoft's new anti-malware project. The Strider HoneyMonkey Project!


My favorite line:
"Microsoft then uses this data to direct teenage ninja assassins-in-training at the evildoers rather than, say, making changes to its code base."

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So on July 6th Tony took me out golfing for my birthday. I got hooked! Since then I have been out two more times, and even went and bought my own clubs. I did get the cheap clubs, but I'm as beginner as they get. I've been feeling pretty good about it though. My first time out I hit 70 on 9 holes. Second time Tony hit 54, his brother 55, and I hit 56. That's 14 strokes! That's huge! So I've been out with my clubs once. Tony's brother again hit 55, but this time I dropped down to 50!

Now I must admit, we were playing pretty lax rules. Basically we were taking multiple mulligans off the tee when we hit it truly sucky. But we were all playing the same. I do see my game improving which may be why I have enjoyed it. But it is also fun to just get out with your friends and hang out. Everyone should try it sometime! I'll go! (I may even be able to get some clubs for you to use.)

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Hrmm.... Me thinks something is amiss! Last night at 3 am my server did a reboot after downloading updates. After that it would not reboot! For some reason it would say there was no operating system on the disk. At first I was thinking I left something open and was hacked (later found out about the update) but I was wrong. So here is where it is weird. If I have a bootable CD in the drive, it sees that, times out, then it will boot to the OS. I remove the CD, and it won't boot. Weird huh? It sounds like a hardware issue to me. So I will just keep a bootable CD in the drive that times out after 30 seconds. Anyways that's why everything was down. Of course nobody visits anymore.... :( (except Eric! He stays loyal! :) )

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So for the help of my family, you can go HERE to see some ideas. As always the list is not in any special order. Just some stuff. One thing I was thinking of was a new mp3 player. The one I want is the Rio Karma, but it has been discontinued, so you can only find it online. But I'm torn. It has the best software hands down over anything else, but there aren't many accessories available for it. Such as no arm band/carry case. But I know I would hate to get an iPod, so don't get that. But there is an additional idea that is not on my list.

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I finally have moved to the new server. What took so long was moving the mail system. But now I have everything done, and running great. The speed is 2x as fast (Actually 3x but I replaced the Duron 750 with a Duron 1300 about a month ago) now running on an Athlon XP 2100+. Still not huge, but I was able to do everything I wanted with it. If you see any problems be sure to let me know!

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The Battlefield 2 Demo has been released. The download was getting slammed, I was only getting it at 9K per second! This is a game we will definitely be playing at the LAN Party! It is very cool!

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Ok, so I finally have posted all the pictures from my trip to LA to see U2. The concert pictures are in the music album, and the trip pics are in the Friends album. Anyways the Concert is as close as I could get them as my camera was the only one with the correct time! (hint Tony and Matt!!!) :D

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I must admit, I cried.

On the drive home though I was thinking over the film. Maybe it was because I was surrounded by darkness with my red dashboard in front of me, but if I lived in the story, I would be a Sith. Knowing my feelings, my heart, my anger, I would definitely be Sith.

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Well I'm off to see Revenge of the Sith. Just finished watching Empire.... Watched Clone Wars a bunch... I'm ready!

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It?s time once again for a LAN party! This one will be June 17th-19th. Unfortunately Battlefield 2 is released on June 21st, so we won?t have that to play, but the reason for this date is we will have the whole house to ourselves as my parents will be in California. Current plan (subject to change):

Start 5pm on Friday the 17th. We can then go as long as we want. Then play all day on the 18th. If you want to go home to sleep, you can leave your stuff and not worry about it. I do have 3 guest beds if you just want to crash here. Once again we will play late into the night. Then we will wrap it up Sunday morning.

I have 4 computers for people who don?t have one and want to play (again, as my parents will be in California).

That?s all for now, so be sure to tell your friends, so we can make this big! I want Rich to bring up a table this time! Wink

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Jeff Gordon is the MAN!!! From 3 laps down, going up to win!!! Jeff Gordon is the man!!!!!! From 12th to 6th in points!

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