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Free at last! Free at last! Free at last! After almost 10 years I am free from Macey's at last!

(Well I did tell them I would bring my replacement up to speed in a week...)

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My old Banquet rep got this for me at a meeting he went to.

I provided the picture, he got me the autograph. Now I need a frame to hang it in!

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Eric and I went out to the dunes with Jeff Yost, Bryan Morse, and Travis ??? this last Saturday. I've got some new pictures up in the 4 wheeling album!

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According to the Miller Motorsports Park webpage on June 1st and 2nd Penske Racing will be having a private test session! It will probably be for their ALMS teams, before the Grand Prix of Salt Lake in July. So speaking of which who wants to go? Tickets haven't gone on sale yet, but I signed up to get email updates as to when they do. To the forum!

Anyways it's too bad they aren't testing stock cars, or IRL cars. But it is closed to the public. Perhaps we would need to go ride quads out there on those days... Hrmm... &#59;)

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Happy April Fool's Day everyone! I didn't do anything crazy... hrm... maybe I should... I still have like 8 1/2 hours left in the day... Naw... I'll think of something for next year.

So here's some great April Fools websites I found!

Homestar Runner - Everything was upside down. It was pretty cool looking.
Google Romance (Darn that may have been good for me! &#59;) )
Adult Star Wars Novels
Slashdot.org was pretty good. Everything was turned girly and pink, and they loved ponies!
Think Geek always has some fantastic new products to sell. This year I love the Buzzaire - Metered Dose Caffeine Inhaler!
And of course what April Fools Day would be complete without Duke Nukem Forever! Be sure to read the whole article!

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There is yet another new addition to my DVD collection. I'm up to 138! This one though I wanted to share... Robot Chicken Season 1!!! Hooray!


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So my brother called today, and as we were talking we got on the subject of computers. I know many of you know about my current computer status, but not everyone does. So I decided to post something! (Plus I've been a slacker here for a month..) So I've put some pictures in the gallery, so check them out as well.

So now I'm running dual monitors. I love it. It took me about a day to get completely used to it, but now I don't know what I'd do without it. They are both 19" flat screen CRT's running at 1600x1200. So my new computer consists of:

  • Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe Motherboard
  • AMD Athlon64 3500+ (Cooled by my trusty Zalman 7000 Copper CPU fan)
  • 2GB Corsair XMS Ram (CAS 2 latency)
  • 2 eVGA nVidia 6800GT 512MB PCI-Express 16x video cards running in SLI mode (when gaming as SLI will only work with one monitor)
  • Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS with I/O Drive (Soon to be replaced with an X-Fi once I get a black faceplate for my old Live! I/O Drive)
  • Promise ATA133 Controller card
  • 2 120GB Western Digital ATA hard drives
  • 1 200GB ATA hard drive (Video)
  • 1 40GB ATA hard drive (MP3's)
  • NEC 3500 16X DVD+-RW
  • Pioneer 4X DVD+-RW
  • Antec TruePower 550 (custom sleeved by me)
  • Lian Li PC60B-Plus case

So that's everything that is in there. I got this new system as one of my buddies needed to raise some cash, so he sold his gaming machine to me. The only things I had previously that a put in this machine are the hard drives, optical drives, controller card, and sound card. I did get a new case though. Needed something black. Take a look at the pics in the gallery to see just how black it is!

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Happy Single Awareness Day everyone!

I'm really doing pretty good tonight! I just got one of THESE, and I am currently installing THIS so now I can watch and capture HDTV! WOOT!!!

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So you may have noticed that link off to the side that shows my DVD's. Now try this one HERE. The difference is the one linked here is located on my server. Total size with all the cover images is just over 20 MB. But I can customize how it looks. So tell me what you think. How is the speed as well?

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Sorry about the downtime. My server updated itself last night, reboot, then I forgot to have a keyboard plugged in so it just stopped. D'oh! At least it is up now! :D

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Pictures from the U2 show are now up in the photo gallery under music! Enjoy!


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So I guess everyone wants to hear about U2. Here's the day:

I set my alarm for 5:20 in the morning, but as I am not a morning person, I arranged Matt to call me at 5:30 to make sure I woke up. Amazingly enough I did wake up at 5:20! But I did lay in bed until Matt called. So I went down to get Tony, (he didn't wake up on time). We stopped by Maceys to get Matt, and some hand warmers, great idea BTW. Then went to get Eric, (also didn't wake up on time). We got to the Delta Center about 6:45 am. We were about 180 people back in line. At the front of the line there were some fans who took it upon themselves to keep order in the line, probably a good thing, but these were U2 fans. They wrote a number on everyone's hands, and wrote down names, to avoid line arguments. About 7:15 the Delta Center moved us up on Delta Center property, and separated the fan club, from regular lines. They separated pretty evenly. About 7:30 they started giving out numbered tickets, which we would use later to line back up in the same order.

After getting our tickets, Matt had to take his leave of us and go back to work, so Tony, Eric and I went down to eat Lumberjack Breakfasts at the Dee's on 7th & 21st. Then we dropped off Eric to go to work, and Tony and I went back to his Mom's house. His brother was borrowing his car, so we took it over to wash it for him. Then we went to Tony's place to chill. We played a little BF2 before going back over to pick up Matt. After picking up Eric we grabbed some dinner over at Burger King, where I figured I better ask if everyone had there ticket. Eric left his in his other coat, so we ran back and grabbed it, then cruised up to the Delta Center.

The Delta Center was controlled chaos. I say controlled only because the fans kept it that way, the Delta Center didn't do much. They started to line us back up, which we could have easily done ourselves, 10 at a time switching between the fan and regular lines. Then we waited until about 5:45 when they started letting us in. After our security sweep, DELTA CENTER SECURITY let 2 guys in front of us in line. That was they gayest thing ever, and we complained! But his supervisor said blah blah blah, what a gimp. So the people right in front of us got scanned in, the people right after us, but not one of us got scanned into the ellipse. So we hurried down, and got us space on the rail on Edge's side. We were at the very edge of the GA, on the rail. We were happy. It was a great spot to witness one funny part of the night. During Kanye's set, one guy about 5 ft. down from us had a sign that read "Kanye West doesn't like white people." Kanye came out around the ellipse, kinda stopped at the guy, was dancing and singing, and very subtlety threw him the bird. I caught it, and was laughing! He did it in such a smooth motion that not everyone noticed.

Just before 9 we heard a little song by The Arcade Fire, and the crowd erupted! Time for the show. "Everyone" started going, then U2 came out and started into City Of Blinding Lights. Following that they took it up in tempo playing Vertigo with a little Beatles snippet(one of many) at the end of She Loves You. After that came Elevation. Then back to Boy with I Will Follow. Next came I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For and at the end Bono included a little vocal only snippet of In A Little While. Then they played Beautiful Day during which Bono brought up a "Sexy Santa". We couldn't see her face from our distance, as it was the other side of the ellipse, but she definitely had the figure and clothes of a "Sexy Santa". Perhaps that is what prompted the Christmas snippets of Baby Please Come Home and Happy Christmas {War Is Over!}. Bono got out his hollow body guitar and played us the first verse of Norwegian Wood the 3rd Beatles Song, then with The Edge on piano, they started playing Original Of The Species. After that they played Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own with a snippet of Torna A Surriento at the end. Next came Love & Peace Or Else then into Sunday Bloody Sunday where Bono pulled up a little kid to sit with him on stage. He got the kid to yell out "No more!" with him at the end of the song. During the song Bono also sung on how there was only one more show to play, then they could go home for Christmas. They closed it up with a Rock The Casbah snippet at then end. Then everything about human rights started with Bullet The Blue Sky with its usual snippets of Hands That Built America & When Johnny Comes Marching Home. Then Bono told us about the Sarajevo beauty pageant that took place amidst sniper fire before they played Miss Sarajevo. Next came Pride (In The Name Of Love), followed by Where The Streets Have No Name and One to conclude the main set.

The encore started with the Zooropa Jackpot, which had me thinking Zoo Station, but instead they played Until The End Of The World. It was the first time Edge had ventured off the stage all night, so he came right up next to us. Next came Mysterious Ways with a girl on stage to dance with Bono. She stayed on for the next song as well of With Or Without You which they didn't play here on the Elevation Tour. They said goodnight again, and went offstage for the second time. But there was going to be one more encore. It started out with an acoustic, into full band Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of. After that All Because Of You, followed by Yahweh. Then Edge and Adam switched not only instruments, but sides to close out the night with 40. I was pretty disappointed the fans didn't keep singing 40 after all the band was off the stage. They should have kept it going. We got out of the arena, and parking pretty easily, and headed east away from the freeway. We took 7th East to get home, after stopping at a 7-11 to get some drinks and nachos for Eric. And that was the day.

Again, the setlist was:

City Of Blinding Lights
Vertigo / She Loves You (snippet)
I Will Follow
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For / In A Little While (snippet)
Beautiful Day / Baby Please Come Home (snippet)/ Happy Christmas {War Is Over!} (snippet)
Norwegian Wood (mini-song)
Original Of The Species
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own / Torna A Surriento (snippet)
Love & Peace Or Else
Sunday Bloody Sunday / Rock The Casbah (snippet)
Bullet The Blue Sky / Hands That Built America (snippet) / When Johnny Comes Marching Home (snippet)
Miss Sarajevo
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Where The Streets Have No Name


Until The End Of The World
Mysterious Ways
With Or Without You

Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
All Because Of You

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Kennedy Celeste Reimann was born today. Pictures in the gallery.

6 lbs 5 oz
19 inches long
born about 3:30pm

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My list of Christmas ideas is up. If you don't see the menu item on the side (and want to) hit your refresh button. If that doesn't work you will need to clear your web page cache then refresh.

I encourage everyone to buy me stuff! :)


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Now I'll be the first to admit, I have lots of really good Sony Electronics. My little 14" TV has superior picture. My main DVD player is great too! It will play almost anything. And you can't forget the MiniDisc. Sony has made some great products, but they are now crossing the line to punish the innocent for the actions of the guilty.

First and foremost read this article: Fox News
I've been following this since last week. I didn't say anything at first because I didn't think most of you would care, but many of you would fall into the category of not being aware of what had happend. Sure ignorance can be bliss, until someone steals your identity... So Sony's CD's are installing software that while has legitimate uses, is written poorly, thus compromising PC users security. Their software opens up many possibilities for viruses to attack your computer and be completely undetectable. In addition it also has adverse affects on system performance. Sony says that most users won't even notice, or care about the rootkit. True, but when you make someone's system vulnerable to attacks like they have, there is a problem.

The second has been going on longer, and that is the two new HD discs, HD-DVD, and Blu-Ray(Sony's High Definition DVD technology). http://www.dvdsite.org/faq.html
Once again, Sony (and the other proponents of all HD discs) are punishing people because of the few. I would hate to plop down tons of money for HD, only to have my player turned into a brick. Just because there is that possibility, I wouldn't buy one.

So I urge everyone to stop buying Sony products. Sony electronics, Sony music, and Sony movies(Columbia/Tristar), everything Sony. The only way these companies listen is when the money stops. (Of course they will probably blame it all on piracy.) It's hard, and sucks to do, but until they pull their head out, I'm not giving them another cent.

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Tonight I went with Eric & Natalie to Cancun Cafe and both Eric and I ordered "The Biggest Burrito You've Ever Seen!" Oh man. I hurt! Ok, so with no exageration, the burrito was as long as my forearm. It was about 6" in diameter as well! It was huge! I didn't even eat half! And I can eat! Wow. It was huge. MMMM Lunch tomorrow! :D

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Ya know what really sucks. Sitting at home alone on a Saturday night. It's 10 pm, and my entire night has been spent here. That is pretty lame. There is only so much you can do on the computer, and only so much TV you can watch... Sometimes you just need to leave the house. Man I need a life!

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New wheeling pictures are up in the gallery.

There is a video there as well. You will need the Xvid codec installed to view it.

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You have all used Google Earth, now try out Google Moon

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Man... Lake Charles is getting trashed! This blows!............ Suck... Well if you want to see some pictures of what it used to look like, I just uploaded every one of my Lake Charles pictures. In the mission section of the photo gallery.

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