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Well you guys will have to tell me what you think. I'm glad I was finally able to hack it together. Now the next project is get all the style sheets to match. The Forum isn't wanting to change any colors so I'm going to have to figure out whats going on there... and this blog isn't displaying the correct color! It is like washed out, or lightened or something. Weird things there.

Anyways... Yay!

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Something new I'm working on. It doesn't look right in Internet Exploder yet. Good reason to switch to Firefox. I was getting so sick of the html frames. I hope to eventually have the header look something like this, but as I'm just hacking this together it will probably be some time.

It isn't on the gallery yet, so once you get there it you'll have to go back to the main page to return to the site. But that will always be the case for the DVD list.

Edit: GALLERY NOW HAS THE HEADER! Now all I need to do is fix the style sheet! :D

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So with the beautiful weather today I so wanted to be outside, rather than in the office. So I thought about what I want to do this spring/summer.

Golfing: At least 3 times a week. This includes both range time, and time on the course. Really not too hard if I go hit a bucket a couple times a week at lunch.

Biking: I'm going to say two times a week, but would like 3. Plus it would be rad if some of my friends would ride with me.

4-wheeling: I'd like to go at least once every 2 weeks, if not once a week. The majority of this will end up being track time, rather than dune time. But that's ok.

Oh, and none of this is related to my stepping on the scale this morning and seeing it say 239lbs naked... :P

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So today while driving to lunch I was pulled over for my tint. D'oh! It was a Murray cop, not Highway Patrol. I must admit the guy was really cool. Very polite about it, didn't give me a hard time at all. And after writing the fix-it ticket told me if I don't fix it, it becomes a regular ticket and I'll have to pay $25 or so (It was $40 in South Salt Lake). But I risk getting pulled over again. So it was kinda like he was upholding the law even though it's kinda dumb. Now I do understand the purposes of it. At least I roll down all 4 windows if I do get pulled over.

Oh well!

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Today I went snowmobiling for the first time. Steve, Eric, Matt VH, and I all went up to Daniel's summit to go sledding.

So they have a well groomed trail system up there. They say to go around the loop counter-clock wise. So we start heading up. Probably close to a mile up the trail we see a small meadow. Well Eric jumps in there, which get us all wanting to go. Steve goes in next, followed by me. I catch up to Steve & Eric where they had stopped. Eric went down the hill, and I followed. There was another clearing below where Eric started to turn around. I followed right after him, but couldn't get the sled to turn! I stopped right before a tree! Steve came next and started helping me get out. Then Eric came to help. Then Matt came down. This really sucked. So we got it out, and back up to the other sleds. But we were still down in this lower clearing. So we moved Steve's sled out of the way so that I could get a good run. I took off, and didn't let off until I got back to the trail. I waited and waited. I wasn't going back in to get them out. After a few minutes an employee of Daniel's Summit came along and asked me what was going on. After telling him he went down to help them get out.

Someone else will have to comment on what exactly happened next, as I was not there. All I know is it resulted in Steve's sled hitting a tree!

Eventually everyone made back to the trail, and we went back to the lodge to replace Steve's busted up sled. WHAT FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I mean we just wrecked one of their sleds, and they wanted us to get another one so we could continue our day!

So we went back out, this time staying on the trail. We got clear up along the crest of the mountain. We found another meadow, and Steve got stuck again! This time it wasn't too bad, and we had him out in a couple minutes. We then took a short cut trail back down towards the road. Once we got down we had HUGE clearings to play in. We all got much better at riding in powder, and not getting stuck. But Eric did take a turn getting stuck.

Then Matt crashed. Again. It looked like he was crossing the road, and hit the edge which threw him pretty good. He went off the back, and the sled continued another 50 ft. He hit his knee, but was back to riding just as hard 10 minutes later.

We decided to finish off the day with dinner at the lodge there, then came home. It was a ton of fun, but I won't be trading in my LT-R any time soon! My pictures are up now in the gallery, and Matt has some that will be coming soon.

BTW I did make a change that you now need to be logged in to enter comments to photos. There were ton's of spam comments I had to go through to delete.

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Well, it's been a month. And no reply. Oh well. At least I get to go snowmobiling this Saturday!!! :D

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Last night I sat down and wrote a thank you note/letter to Gina.

I did not put any cologne on it. ;)

I did keep it pretty simple, but left it open. I wouldn't mind reestablishing contact with Gina. Like I said though, I don't know if the name on the box was her maiden name, or a new married name. Hopefully if she is single she'll write back!

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Today I had one of those WTF moments. I got home from work and there were 2 packages waiting. One was the parts for my car, so that was cool. The other was from Arizona. It was to me addressed in care of my dad. Now my dad has ton's of family down there so I'm thinking hrmm... is this really for me. I opened it up to be sure. Inside is a knitted blanket. So now I'm really thinking huh? WTF? There is a letter inside:

"Dear Micheal:
I sorry this is so long getting to you. I've moved so many times I lost it in packing.
Hope you like it.


So I'm "thinking" (Remember I last went out with her over 2 years ago) she said she was taking up knitting, and that she would knit me something... (man I'm trying to reach out to the back of my memory for this) Now the package has the name Babina on it. When I went out with her she had the last name Haws which was the same as her son's, so previous marriage. So either she went back to her maiden name, which I never learned/don't remember, or has gotten married.

So do I send a thank you letter?

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Tickets officially go on sale on Monday... I don't know if the pre-sale price is different or not. I'm getting grandstand seats for my dad, so if you want some pipe up quick!

$40 Grandstand
$25 General Admission

May 18-19: The Larry H. Miller Dealerships Utah Grand Prix - American LeMans Series

July 14: NASCAR Grand National West Series

Those are the two I want to go to. Like I said speak up quick!

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You know the time... We all make a resolution to lose weight for oh... 3 weeks. I saw this article today that kinda talks about it.

Warning it does contain language!
Link to article

Now some of that I can agree with. Two years ago when I was working with a trainer I got down to 215 (230 now), however a couple years before that I was mountain biking a lot, not drinking soda, and got down to 200. I'm on occasion having a soda now, but not daily like I used to. One thing I'm trying to do is get rid of the High Fructose Corn Syrup, which is hard! So much stuff has it! I'd rather something with real sugar, than the processed HFCS.

I'll tell ya though, a good trainer can really help. And a bad one can drive you away.

But is food ever good! :D

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Just wishing everyone a happy & safe holiday season

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Elese Claire Heumann was born this morning at 5:18 am, at St. Marks! Congratulations Steve & Becky.

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So this morning wasn't too bad... I almost felt like going into work, but decided it better to stay home. Sleeping until 11 helped, but now it's hitting again! Super chills, massive headache, and very tired. At least I'm not nauseous again!

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Yup being sick sucks. I left work early... came home and puked. MMMM.... Thanks Kristi!


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In February there is a new guys night movie we all need to go see!

My Name Is Bruce!

Think Galaxy Quest where the nerds mistake Bruce Campbell for Ash, and want him to fight a monster for them.

Remember... Good, Bad, Ash is the guy with the gun.

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January 31st (Sunday DOH!), 10am to 4pm.


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I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

A couple things I'm thankful for this year:
My dad is feeling better and better each week.
My job.

After your dinners dream of turkey & 4-Wheeling!

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I got my free nerf bars today! Woo Hoo!
Picture here!

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I know there are many of you out there who won't accept that Chuck Norris would kick Jack Bauer's butt any day. If you're one of them, there is the Exclusive Season 6 Trailer.

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Please read this consumer warning. This stuff really exists and you should know about it. Please also pass this onto anyone else who may not be aware of what DRM is.

Warning DRM! Digital Restrictions Management

This holiday season when you bring home a new electronic device, will you be bringing an intruder into your home? Will you and your family members end up being monitored and reported on by the software installed on these devices?

DRM is used to restrict what you and your family can do with the electronic devices and media purchased. It is an attempt by technology and media companies to take away your rights. DRM Means: No fair use. No purchase and resell. No private copies. No sharing. No backup. No swapping. No mix tapes. No privacy. No commons. No control over our computers. No control over our electronic devices.

DRM software and hardware monitors and controls your family's behavior.

Did you know that iPod users are restricted from transferring their music to other non-Apple devices because the music downloaded from iTunes is encrypted - locked with DRM? Apple allows you to write an audio CD, but will leave you with very lousy sound quality if you ever want to take your music to a new portable device in a compressed format.

Did you know that Sony Music was caught secretly planting DRM “rootkits” on customers computers. All it required was for you to play the CD you had purchased from them...

DRM is more than a nuisance. The film and music industry are setting the agenda to increase their control. They have demanded that technology companies impose DRM to deliver for them what their political lobbying to change copyright law never has: they aim to turn every interaction with a published work into a transaction, abolishing fair use and the commons, and making copyright last forever. By accepting DRM users unwittingly surrender their rights and invite a deeper surveillance. This will put your family's viewing, listening, reading, browsing records on file with them.

What gives them that right?

Stay away from DRM-dependent products like Blu-ray and HD-DVD, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Zune, Amazon Unbox...

Stay away from retailers who insist on making DRM part of the package.

Stop financing the people who want to restrict you.

Find out more at www.DefectiveByDesign.org and find 10 easy ways you can help make others aware.

Thanks for reading.

(This is the reason I have a hacked SERIES 1 TiVo, an empeg, and my mythTV computer that doesn't support the broadcast flag.)

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