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My dad's obituary was in today's Deseret News, and Salt Lake Tribune.

You can read it online here.

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In case you didn't refresh the front page:

Funeral Services for my dad will be Friday, May 4th at Noon, at my ward building (9880 S. 3100 E.). Viewings will be before the funeral (10:45-11:45), and Thursday night from 6-8 pm at Cannon Mortuary (Bengal Blvd).

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This morning right about 9:20 am, Kristi called me to tell me I needed to get back to the hospital. Right before she called I had a dream.

I was speaking with my father in his hospital bed. He asked me what I wanted. I told I wanted him to be pain free. He replied he was. He asked if there was anything else, and I said if his body would heal from the infection, and his lung would expand I want him to heal. He replied simply "It's time."

I felt there was an important reason for the dream, and that it was a message from him through the Holy Ghost.

After talking as a family we decided it would be best to let him pass. They gave him some morphine to make sure there would be no pain, then they took him off life support. He passed quickly, and peacefully at 1:08pm.

Thank you again for all your prayers and all you have done for me and my family.

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I just wanted to write about the worst experience of my life thus far. Perhaps in the future I will set this to published so that everyone can read it. But for now it will be private.

On the night we brought my father into the hospital, after he was having problems breathing, I had the most emotionally destructive moment of my life. I thought I had felt pain in the past, but the heartache of a relationship broken does not compare. My father was struggling to breathe with the respirator in his mouth. He wasn't very sedated due to extremely low blood pressure. I was there with my Mom, Kristi, and Dana. Kristi just stepped out for a moment when my father looked at me, then at Dana, and waved. My mom said to Dana that he's waving "hi". My father shook his head no, and my mother asked if he was waving goodbye. He slowly nodded. There is not a worse feeling in the entire world.

We don't want to give up hope, but we don't want to see him in pain. Even now, 24 hours later I still wonder if he was saying he's too tired to continue the fight. He's fought so hard for so long. I'm sure he's tired. I just pray he is free of pain.

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So on Tuesday my dad went to work and all was fine. Wednesday he was having a difficult time breathing. It would come and go though. Thursday night it got horrible. He had a temp of 95 degrees, and was sweating. We decided to call the paramedics.

Our next door neighbor rushed over to give him a blessing before they arrived. They brought him down to Alta View. Here they decided to put him on a respirator to take over his breathing for him.

After they got him stabilized in the ICU we found out he had Pneumonia in his lungs, making it difficult to breathe. This difficulty had resulted in him having a heart attack at home without realizing it.

I went home about 4am to get about 4 hours of sleep. When I came back I learned his right lung had collapsed. Right now he is stable, and they are trying to get rid of the Pneumonia so he can get better. I was just with him, and his temperature felt better while I was sitting with him holding his hand.

Thank you again everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

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His right lung has collapsed

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My dad is currently in the ICU on a respirator. He was having problems breathing, and was working too hard and it looks like he may have been having a heart attack.

Keep him in your prayers please.

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From U2.com:

A DVD version of PopMart Live From Mexico City – giant mirrorball lemon, cocktail stick and all - is set for a summer release. PopMart opened in Las Vegas ten years ago today. DVD track listing and details here.

Filmed at the Foro Sol Autodromo in Mexico City in December 1997, PopMart Live from Mexico City, directed by David Mallet, was originally released on video in 1998. For its debut on DVD, it’s been transferred to digital with upgraded pictures and remastered audio, mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound.

The DVD will come in a Standard 1-disc format, featuring the concert, and a Special Limited Edition 2-disc format, the 2nd bonus disc containing unreleased live audio and video material, including documentaries, a PopMart tour visuals montage, and DVD-ROM extras.

Here’s the track listing:

Read more »

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So Saturday I went 4-wheeling with Jason & Eric, and their families. It was pretty awesome! We found a cool tabletop that I would estimate to be about 15ft that I was able to work up to clearing. The only other tabletop I have ever cleared was a dinky 5 footer at Deseret Peak.

So Pics are up in the gallery.

That same day a bunch of my relatives came up and did a bunch of yard work. The got the garden planted, weeded, and cleaned up the flower beds. The deck is still the big ugly to get done, along with painting the basement door. There is still a bunch of brush for us to clean up as well. We'll keep busy, then have some good BBQ that night! Ooohhh... I need to come up with some sides for people to bring...

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I have 3 of these chairs. If you want them, speak up quick, or they go to DI!

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So today I was cruising over to Eric's shop to rotate my tires. I took 215 over to SR-201. Once I got past 4700 S. I saw him. Highway patrol looking right at me, and I was going fast. I knew I was busted so I hit the windows down, started slowing down, and pulling over. Sure enough, he came right after me. After he pulled me over he told me he hit me with his radar at 90mph. Asked if I was going anywhere in a hurry, and I told him nowhere that I needed to be going that fast for. He went back and wrote up the ticket. When he returned he reminded me I was going 90, but he only wrote down 80, so it was 15 over. He said it must be easy with my car to get going that fast without realizing it. I said, "yeah, it's got a very smooth ride, but I bet yours is pretty fast as well." He was in one of the new Chargers.


Happy day... kinda... well, I guess not...

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So I just heard back from Streamline on my car. Some bolts on one of the new pulleys they installed sheared right off. It did tear up a little plastic piece near it, which is also getting replaced. Fortunately it did not do any internal damage. They were really good about repairing it, and being nice about it. I'll admit when my car started making that noise on Monday I was pretty pissed. With all the money I just spent, and now this. But it is nothing they could have prevented. The bolt failed. One thing that is really cool is that since Eric and I towed it in, they will help us out with that, as they would normally pay for a tow truck. Great service. I guess that's why they are ranked as the #1 VW and Audi tuner in America here.

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So I was reminded yesterday how much radio sucks.

On my way home from work yesterday, at about 5pm 101.9 played a new song by Maroon 5.

On my way to pick up my dad from work at about 6pm, they played the same song.

Again at 7pm they played the song while I was on my way to Eric's house.

Yup... Radio sucks.

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You would think walking wouldn't be difficult. One foot in front of then other, then fall down onto it. Repeat with the opposite foot. What they don't take into consideration is when you have no muscle control having exhausted them riding the sand dunes!

I am still so sore! Walking is rough. I've had my muscles give out on me a couple times while walking, and I have to catch myself before I go down. And today would be a perfect day to get on my bike. :(

I've been thinking about how we are able to ride day after day on the supertrips, and what we could do to apply that to the day trips. I think the key is to walk around after riding for a couple hours. Don't just load up and go, but take our time. I think we should load up, then start a fire, cook dinner, and hang out for few hours before sitting down for the long drive back. I think that's what kills us. Well, at least me.

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Man I am so sore today! Yesterday Jason, Eric and I went down to the dunes to ride. It was a blast! Be sure to check out the pictures in the gallery! But I am all around sore. My arms are dead sore, my legs are dead sore, my neck is just sore though.

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So I got my car back yesterday.

$1109.71.------I had $1090. Fortunately the guys were really cool, and I'll take them a $20 on Thursday.

Their original estimate of $850 was off by like $40. Then while it was in I had them change the oil and air filter. I shouldn't have had them do the oil. $90! That was a little much. I mean yeah, it's expensive, but that was crazy. When I change it myself it's about $50 (6.3 quarts synthetic) but that was like the price of 2 oil changes!

Then the air filter... that was $60. Now you may be saying that I got ripped off there as well, and I probably did... but it is a cool foam filter! No more filters for me! Just wash and replace.

But the timing belt, water pump, thermostat, and all the rollers & pulleys should be good for another 100K miles! :D And I found out that the oil by my spark plugs is pretty normal, and nothing to get too concerned about.

(BTW the person in the cube across from me just had the coolest ring tone go off. The Bond Theme! dun-da-da-da-daa-dun-dun-dun-dun-da-da-da-daa :D. Too bad that doesn't really fit for anyone on my phone, except myself.)

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From watching Goldeneye last night, and now Die Another Day is on Spike! May we all avoid the steaming pile that is Daniel Craig! :D

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So I haven't been able to get the music that David Arnold wrote for Casino Royale out of my head. He wrote a seriously cool score! So I put in the movie to see if I could sit through it to hear that fantastic score...

I just couldn't bring myself to do it. So I skipped to one quick section, where I knew the music was, then went to Amazon to stream it. I knew I didn't want to watch Casino Royale, so I threw in Goldeneye! Ah... Brosnan's control, and charisma!

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Ok, so tonight I saw a really really lame movie... Double Dragon. Man was that a lame movie! Check out the screen shots, and never ever ever watch this movie! This is what happens when you are car-less... :(

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As the knowledge is buried in the comments, Matt's pictures of the sledding excursion are posted! Check them out in the gallery! (Under Other sports pictures)

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