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Well, I got my stereo stuff set up, last night I moved my computer downstairs, so all that is left is the bed, clothes, and junk. Tonight I am hoping to get the last of Drew & Holly's stuff moved into the room across the hall before Bond-ing. Maybe even move matresses. We'll see!

Here's an awesome MS Paint of the main room!

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Today would have been my dad's 54th birthday. I've been thinking a lot more about him lately. I almost wonder if really his death did hit me hardest of all my family.

Well, Happy Birthday dad!

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So my Mom was feeling uneasy about having people she doesn't know in the basement. I told her I was willing to pay $500/mo rent starting in Oct (due to new pay periods), and would pay $300/mo towards my dad's old bike & shoes. So that puts me here though Christmas, which I think will be a good thing anyway, and I'll still be able to prepare to buy a house.

Before I move down I need to run another network cable, and tv cable. Hopefully I can do that this weekend.

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So today at lunch I ran over to the bank and re-financed my LT-R. I was pleasantly surprised at a few things.

My credit score. Much higher than I thought. I thought I was below 700. Nope! Things look good for buying a condo or house in a couple months!

Interest rate. I was upside down, so they had to increase it to compensate for that, but I walked away at 10.25% Not 7.something% if I wasn't upside down, but not the 17%+ (and it's the + that is scary as it was variable) from HSBC.

So yay! The quad is refinanced... I did 60 months just in case I need the lower payment, but that will be $207. And my tax return will take a huge chunk of that out! :)

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I just saw on MSN you can go back and watch any of the performances. Everyone must watch Spinal Tap's 3 songs...

Check them all out through here: http://liveearth.msn.com/artists?GT1=10227

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Ok, I watched Live Earth for one reason, and one reason only.... SPINAL TAP!!!


Right before them was Metallica. Here are the notes I gotted down:
Sad but True
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman

Nigel says "Hello Wimbledon!" (they're at Wembley)

two dwarfs bring out the pillars... graffiti, no top piece
David on the phone

top piece came down after the dwarfs left with the columns... during "where are they now"

Derek holds up zucchini - "This is what the earth can do!"

New song "for our favorite planet, not Jupiter, not the moon" (Warmer than Hell)

every bass player "in the known universe" comes out... everyone plays bass (David St. Hubbins)

big bottom!
all of Metallica (playing bass) Like 30 bass players on stage playing!

taking turns soloing

Ok, so that was seriously cool! Awesome morning for entertainment! I wake up to The Tour de France, then watch Metallica and Spinal Tap perform live over the web. I will have to get the DVD just for Tap's performance!

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My mom was asking me for a few ideas for my them for my birthday:

Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society: Limited Edition - Link isn't working but you can pick it up at Best Buy - http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8398904&type=product&id=1643450
Any Lifehouse CD's
Any Rush CD's

If I get any others throughout the day I'll update this post.

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The DNS for my email has become broken. If you needed to email me just do it at hotmail.

Edit: Looks like I broke the server itself. Weird. Anyhow it's now fixed. Yay! (Not that it mattered to anyone who reads this.)

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So yesterday was Lagoon Day for 3M. I originally wasn't going to go. Then Eric told me it was his parents' stake Lagoon day as well, and they were already planning on going. So I decided to go.

There were 3 new coasters since I last went. The Bat, The Spider, and Wicked. Of them all... Wicked was by far the coolest. It was, well... Wicked! The Spider was pretty cool as well. We ended up going down backwards which was crazy! I ended up riding every coaster except Jet Star 2. Not bad. And ended up being a fun day.

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Well, according to Intermountain Health Care it's worth about $8,929.35 removed. So since it's apparently worth more removed should I have asked for it in a jar? ;)

Now to see how much insurance will pay...

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Jeff and Tina Beba had a 9lb 7oz baby boy this morning at 2:56am! Huge congratulations to them! I spoke with Jeff for a quick minute and we talked about how the boy was huge compared to both Jeff and Tina. They'll be bringing him down when they come down for the 4-wheeling Supertrip at the beginning of August. Hopefully Jeff will get on and post a picture for us!

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Tonight Dana and I finally installed our Malibu lights in the back yard! Yay! You can like totally see the steps now in the darkness! It rules! I tried to take some sweet pictures to show off, but lets face it... my camera works great at the dunes, but sucks big time to try to capture the scene at night. Seriously though. It's awesome.

We put one at each step along the deck, then crossed and put some up along the grass line towards the pond, with 3 spot lights on the pond. Seriously cool looking though. And I've only wanted to do it for like 5 years. :P

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So my mom and I realized how hard some things will start to be.

Monday night I posted our tent trailer on KSL. By noon on Tuesday I had a deposit in my hands for it. Later that night the guy came to finish payment, and pick up the trailer. I was the only one home at the time, but it hit me as the guy pulled out of the circle. 15 years of memories in that trailer with my family. My mom was glad she was not at home when he got it.

We are going to try to get rid of more stuff we don't need. I'm sure we will have the same experience over and over.

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well the upgrade is almost done... all that is left is to correct the colors on the theme. Yay!

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Well yesterday I went into the Instacare to have them look at my throat. I have been basically choking on my uvula (little hanging thing at the back of your throat) because it is twice it's regular size. That and the white patches were cause for concern. Fortunately it's not strep, but like a reaction to the tube being shoved down my throat. So I'm having problems talking, and am now on a cold foods diet... ice cream... popsicles... ;) Naw... really it sucks...

So today I'm going to try to upgrade the forums software, so the forums may go down for a little while... hopefully not long though.

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Ahhhh Lortab! Yeah I'm just chillin at home now. What sucks the most is getting into and out of chairs/bed. Once I'm in a place, it's not too bad. The crazy thing is... Pants hurt. So they are on.. but not zipped up and buttoned. At least I can get caught up on my video encoding!

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so, here i lay. my side hurts, it sucks to get out of bed, and my throat feels like crap.

so right before i went under my anastseiologist told me to start thinking of what i want to dream about... i thought that was funny as you don't dream while under.

anyways the surgeon pulled an inflamed appendix out, and now i'm chillin here. i should be able to go home this afternoon. we'll see!

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well it's apendicitis. i guess jason lucks out. but i won't be able to go wheeling until july. i'll be getting it taken out soon, most likely i'll be just the one night. so i'll write probably tomorrow.

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well i've almost finished drinking the laced cyrstal light. my mom is here now, and we are thinking either appendicitis or i got a hernia after saturdays move. jason better hope for the appendix or i won't be helping you move when you decide to move again in two years.

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so i'm sitting in the hospital again. i've been having stomach pains the last couple of days. today it got really bad at work. so i went home around 1:30 and started feeling around. there was a sharp pain in my right side. after thinking it through i decided to come down to alta view. so i'm sitting here, in pain, sipping crystal light laced with some stuff before a cat scan at 6:30. since the hospital has wireless along with my phone i'm able to post. i'll try to update people through this... if anyone reads it tonight.

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