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Today I finally switched my website over the the new server! Yay! The only thing I have left to move off my old server is my email. It's one I'm dreading.

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Tonight was Jason & Jodi's much anticipated Halloween party! I woke up around 11, which was nice, then watched 2 ATV races on my TiVo. I figured noon was a good time to get up, so off to the shower to get ready for the day. First thing I had to do was make the "blood" for my brain. It went pretty quick, and turned out awesome! Next was to finish up Lacey's firefly lights. As I was working on them I couldn't find my kit of heat shrink tubing. I was starting to panic. I had bought all my dad's old electronics stuff off my mom and this was a nice expensive kit with all the heat shrink I would need for some time. As I couldn't find it and was running out of time I ran down to Radio Shack to get some more. Got back and finished up the lights. They work awesome!

I packed everything up and headed... to work. I had to do about 15 minutes of work today, so did that then headed up to Jason & Jodi's to drop off the brains. I killed about a half hour there so I wouldn't be too early to Lacey's. I was thinking smooth sailing all the way there... nope. Construction had the freeway WAY backed up. I bailed at Lagoon and found my way back to Highway 89. Then up to get Lacey.

OK, she looked REALLY cute! She was dressed as a firefly, so a black dress, her sexy boots, some purple wings, and some crazy eyelashes. I liked it! :D We drove back down and made it to the party. Jodi had made a bunch of other "ghoulish" items to snack on... snot dip, Halloween shaped sandwiches, and the kitty litter cake. Added my brains to it, Becky's salsa (a.k.a. Vampire Vomit) and Natalie's pumpkin bars (with cream cheese frosting, my favorite). We snacked, played some games, and talked well into the night. Just before 1 am (I think) we took off to take Lacey home. I planned things out this time and took out my contacts and went straight to the glasses. We got to her house and sat and talked for a while before we said goodnight. I ended up getting home just before 3. Another fantastic night spent with Lacey.

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So I got home from work today and started working on my electronics project for Lacey. I needed some parts so I jumped on the motorcycle and headed down to Radio Shack to get them. On the way back I picked up the final ingredients for the Brains I had to make tonight.A short time later we started texting. I mentioned I was bored, and she invited me up to see a movie with her and her friend Sariah. So I finished up what I was working on and drove up. I met up with them at R.C. Willey, and we headed over to a theater in Ogden. I have to admit I was just about completely lost. We went in, and one movie immediately stood out. The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D! Woot! I love that movie and never did get to see it in 3D. We had a bit of time to kill before it started so we went over to watch people at iFLY. The employee was definitely doing some crazy stuff! It was pretty cool. After that we went down and watched some people try to surf on a fake wave. Wipeout after wipeout!

Our movie was approaching so we headed back over to the theater. Just as the movie was starting both Sariah and I were singing and thought... "I am the clown with the tear away face..." Uh Oh! We tried to warn Lacey as quickly as we could. I totally forgot about that. After the movie she thought it was horrible and can't imagine why people would let their kids watch it. I mentioned that my nephew Larsen loves it. She wasn't buying it.

She was pretty exhausted so they headed back home, and I made the long drive back as well. As soon as I got home I needed to make the brains to ensure they would be ready for tomorrow nights party. So I got that made up and setting up in the fridge. I am glad I was able to go up to see the movie with Lacey. It was also nice to finally meet Sariah, so I can now put a face to the name, but really it was just nice spending time with Lacey.

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Saturday that was the plan for the day. I woke up just excited for the day ahead of me. I started it out with mowing the lawn for hopefully the final time this year. Unfortunately I filled my hole I dug just the other day. Time to dig a new one. After finishing up with the lawn, and a quick shower, I moved to washing the motorcycle. I took some time, and detailed it good. Then Lacey arrived. :)

Lacey hadn't been able to go check out the changing leaves, and our previous plans were canceled. With the temperature at a decent level for mid October, we couldn't pass it up. We got on the bike and rode down to Eric & Natalie's house for them to ride with us. From there we rode up Big Cottonwood Canyon. There were TONS of colors at the bottom, but as we got to the top just bare quakies and pine trees. But we got up to the top where we parked the bikes. We took a nice stroll around Silver Lake chatting along the way. Then back down. That was the coldest part.

We made our way down and headed along Wasatch to 94th, then down to Starbucks on Highland. Lacey and I both tried the White Chocolate Hot Cocoa, which was very good. We did some more chatting, and decided rather than going up Little Cottonwood and getting cold again, we decided to ride up and over South Mountain. So we headed down 13th East and past the Draper Temple on our way up the mountain. I've gotta say you have some AWESOME views on that road. So up and over we went. Eric & Natalie had to get back so they took off while Lacey and I stopped by Cabela's. I need to get a hoodie so she can "share" it with me. We walked around, no good hoodies. :( Kept walking around looking at everything. Overall I think I expected more. Oh well. All the rubs and seasonings near the camping section looked good.

After Cabela's we rode back up to my place where we lost some layers, got in my car and drove down to Mimi's Cafe, Laceys favorite. She ordered her fav, Chicken & Fruit, while I went for the Chicken Cordon Blu. I really liked mine, although it was hard to eat. They had Chicken Gumbo for the soup of the day, which turned out pretty good.

Then it was back to my place for the cuddlin' part of the day. &#59;) As soon as we got back we began the embarrassing part... Old Pictures! So we looked though mine first... she saw how cute I was as a baby, and even saw me naked! :O Then we looked though her pictures where I saw ____________. After looking through each others photos we went downstairs where she crashed. We spent the rest of the night just cuddling and talking.

It was a great day.

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Yesterday Jason and I went riding on the Bonneville Shoreline again. The same trail we rode a couple weeks ago. We rode so much better this time. Minimal walking, and rode all the way out to the fork that leads down City Creek Canyon. We didn't get back until dark, but it was a good ride. Pics are in the gallery.

Then last night my mask was bugging me big time... and it is causing a breakout on the bridge of my nose. So I slept without it. I did noticeably wake up a bunch, and I am much more tired today. Guess the mask stays for now.


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Today I hit the 500 mark. Well 502 to be exact. That includes 162 HD DVD's, and 1 Blu-Ray.

It's really not an addiction...

(Oh and it's almost time for another rack!)

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My weekend started out awesome and ended on a boring note.

It started off with Lacey coming over. :D We first prepared our dessert together. It was an apple cranberry crisp, and very good. After we had prepared it she tied me up and forced me to watch Missionary Man... You know, that video I made with all my friends 11 years ago. (OK, I guess she didn't tie me up...) So we watched the video... I blushed, she laughed, I blushed more. It was very nice and comfy though with her cuddled up next to me. &#59;)

Eric and Natalie arrived and we cooked dinner. Lacey and I tried a marinade I picked up at the store... it was good. I'm going to have to try a few more. After eating we took off to Boondocks where I planned to dominate at everything. First we tried the fast track go-karts... I started last and made an awesome move right between Lacey and Natalie. That put me as the next kart behind Eric. Unfortunately there was a punk kid who just tried to spin everyone out. I did get the chance to slam on my brakes right in front of him for a bit of vengeance... then he ran off after the race was over... little punk.

Next was off to the bumper boats. Ya just know it's bad news... So they are extremely difficult to steer around, and have water cannons built on. Things were going good... My boat was great at long range attacks, but up close I was a goner. I was ambushed by all three and they got me pretty good with the water cannons.

For the final main attraction we tried the slick track. Again I started last... It was a fierce battle, I got up to second, and back to fifth. Eric was the only one we never passed. Unfortunately going through the turn, the slick part kicked in and I kept going straight... Natalie was caught up in it and hit the wall hard. I went 2 laps down as I was held by the track workers. So close.

But the triumph of the night came with Mini-golf. There was lots of distracting butt pinching which we both participated in. On the back nine I proposed a hole in one gets a kiss. Lacey was the first to get one! Woo Hoo! So I gave her a peck on the cheek. Now I really needed to get one. That didn't come until the 18th hole. I was the only one to hit the correct hole. So it was time to collect my prize. :) As Lacey started to give me the kiss on the cheek I turned. &#59;) Didn't get full lips, but got half of them! They were very soft and nice! I of course wouldn't call that our first kiss, but it gave me an idea of what I have to look forward to! :D

We played a few games, and headed back to my place. We threw the dessert into the oven and let it start cooking. It took 35 minutes to cook and a few to cool off, so we started up Failure to Launch. Lacey sat on the floor in front of me, so I spent most of the time rubbing/scratching her shoulders and neck. The movie ended, I kicked Eric & Natalie out, then said "goodnight" to Lacey. Now stop that, it was just a goodnight hug.

Saturday I totally slept in. Made Lacey jealous as I was in my bed while she had to get out to run errands. :P I had these great plans to weed the garden, but due to the rain I pretty much just chilled. Ended up going to Priesthood alone which was pretty lame. But as I was there in the stake center I had a huge impression that my dad was sitting next to me. I totally lost it of course. After Conference I just went back home and chilled again. Got the munchies and went to Smiths, and chilled for the rest of the night continually texting Lacey.

Sunday I went up to Midway to hand with the family at a condo. Watched NASCAR, then Conference, then NASCAR. :) Came home, and now here I am. So as you can see the weekend started out awesome and got really slow today. Oh well, that's life!

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Well yesterday I got my "prescription" for my sleep apnea. They delivered a CPAP machine and an oxygen machine. I used it for the first time last night. Definitely different than the one at the sleep lab. I lasted until just after 5 in the morning when I finally took it off. I'll eventually get really used to it. But for now.... ughhh.

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My day began early when Jason woke me up at 8 am. The punk. I was enjoying my sleep. So he woke me up and we worked on tuning his bike. Got lots of stuff tuned up better and got started on our ride (After enjoying some Saturday morning cartoons featuring the Superfriends). We started from the house and met up with Matt at the trailhead to the Little Cottonwood Pipeline trail. We rode up to the first bridge before Jason had to turn around due to time restraints. Matt and I went up a little further until he saw one of the really rocky technical sections. As this was his first ride of the season he decided that was a good time to turn around. Going back down I rode much better than last time. Maybe it was that the sun wasn't in my eyes, but I started to get the feel of the jumps again. Woo hoo!

So I got home, showered and waited for Eric to call. We rode down with Natalie following us to Tony & Chelsey's place so the kids could play at Mackenzie's birthday party. Eric and I said hi, then began our ride.We didn't have tons of time but decided to go up Provo canyon. Stopped half way up and took some bad camera phone pics. We rode up to Heber and grabbed some food at The Hub. My chicken fried steak was so nasty! I really gotta remember to skip that place. Then it was off to Park City where I insisted on stopping to get some clothes at the outlet stores. Then it was back to Eric's house.

We pretty much chilled all night while Natalie went to Women's Conference. Played with the girls outside, then after Natalie got back went over to Target so I could get some new socks. We also picked up some snacks. Went over to Blockbuster and rented some movies then back to watch them. We cooked up the Bagel Bites I got and watched The Forbidden Kingdom. Fun movie... kinda like a cross between Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Last Action Hero.

Oh and I've really just gotta say... Lacey is Fabulous!!! &#59;)

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So right after work I got on my mountain bike and headed up the canyon.

I "hit the wall" on the street outside my circle. :oops: I knew I had to push through the wall if I was ever going to get back to form. So I kept riding. I set a goal. I was going to reach the trailhead before turning around. About half way to the trailhead I stopped and raised my seat about 3/4". It made all the difference. I suddenly could go much further! So I reached the trailhead and started up it.

Since I'd met my original goal I set a new one right there. I'd try to make it to the Wasatch Resort. I really didn't think I'd make it. Took a couple more stops and finally pushed myself there! Yay! Well I wasn't too dead, so why not keep going. So I set a 3rd goal for myself on this ride. Reach the bridge! It was slow going, needed to stop once but I did make it to the bridge! Sweet! I had kept visiting that wall, and kept pushing past it (rest stops did help of course). Since I'd met 3 goals I felt like I could turn around then.

Going downhill I realized my bike needs some work. First, the rear shock is set at the recommended pressure for my weight, but it never moved. Need to let some air out. I had my pump with me but wanted to feel the downhill ride out more so I never adjusted it. Second, I need to repack my front hub. It did not sound good! Third, time to service the headset and re-grease it too.

So I made it down. My legs totally filled with lactic acid. It's hard to shake them out when you are trying not to crash. The sun was completely blinding me so I really had to concentrate on the descent.

The best part of getting back of course is taking a relaxing shower after.... Ahhhhhhhh!

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So Jason called me at 2pm (waking me up) to go mountain biking. I got up, showered, and got ready... By the time I got up there it was just after 4 pm. I was moving slowly. Rich had agreed to let Jason borrow his bike for the ride. We were doing the Shoreline that Matt and I rode a couple years ago.

We started up the trail thinking not bad... then came the climbs. Agony. Torture. Pain. None of these accurately describe what I was feeling. Remember I was up for 22 hours the day before, got 10 hours of sleep and was still tired. We slowly made our way up until I had to start walking. We got to the top of the first hill which greeted us with a short descent. Followed by a climb into Hell! At least that's how I felt. I made it part way and was starting to black out. Between that and my stomach I knew I had to get riding, and uphill was not the direction. So I turned around. After I got to the top of the first hill I was able to keep riding in circles to let my body catch up. Jason meanwhile was hoofing it to the top of the second climb. I waited until he had his fill and came back. We then took the decent back to the car.

I slowly again made my way home, where I just crashed. I just wanted to lay on my couch under a blanket all night. So I started up the 3rd Pirates movie which I hadn't seen yet and enjoyed the night.

Need to ride more.

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Yesterday Jason and Jodi had a game night at their place. So right after work I went and picked Lacey up, and we went over to their place. Lacey had spent all afternoon baking cookies to bring, and she made my favorite just for me... White Chocolate Macadamia Nut! Soooo good! We were a little early so I suggested we go "park" until it was closer to party time. Shot down! :( Honestly I might have made a move to hold her hand, at the most.

So we started playing games. Started off with Mexican Train where I got my butt thoroughly thrashed. The first two games I didn't get started until the game was almost over. It was really sad. Cliff and Amy arrived and we continued on. We tried a new game... Smarty Pants... It was pretty fun. I won of course... :D

Cliff and Amy had to leave a bit early to go pick up Carter. Lacey and I continued to play with Jason and Jodi until about 2 am. Then it was time to go home. Well past time. We did a lot of good talking on the way back, which I really enjoyed. Then came my drive home. One of my contacts was killing me... I had already been awake for 21 hours and it wasn't happy. I carefully made my way home arriving there just after 4 am. So tired. So I slept until 2 pm today when Jason woke me up. Punk...

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The people at the sleep center are idiots.


So I go for one more night... Thankfully they didn't put me on the BIPAP machine again, but on just the C-PAP. The BIPAP is what I fought last time... the C-PAP is much easier to deal with.

Anyway, I was having problems sleeping during the night, but this time they were all related to the mattress and pillow. But when I did sleep on my back I had ton's of events. I would turn on my right side and had 0 events. AND THEY DIDN'T NOTICE THIS THE LAST 2 TIMES???!??!

Seriously... They're idiots.

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Last night was a little "guy's night". I say little as we didn't have much time to prepare and all had to work the next day. Rich, Eric, Steve and I all went to Red Lobster to get the Endless Shrimp (Although Steve got there late and didn't want shrimp). There was lots of waiting for shrimp involved but it was great! I started off with Cajun Shrimp and Shrimp Scampi. Followed that up with fried and Coconut Shrimp. Then it was another round of both Cajun and Scampi. Sooooo good! And the sale goes to the end of October it sounds like! We are definitely going to plan another... but with more notice this time.

After gorging ourselves on shrimp Eric, Steve, and I all went back to my place. Steve still hadn't seen the final episode of The Venture Bros. so we watched that. Poor 24. We'll miss you. After that we watched a few video clips of good movies before Eric & Steve both had to leave.

After they left I finally watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!

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That was my response when Lacey asked how the Peach Extravaganza was. Man, I'm funny. &#59;)

Anyway, last night I did the drop in at Eric's house. Eric is a fan of the drop in. Some people aren't. Anyway I did the drop in as I had to work late and I figured it was paint class night. Paint class has been moved. D'oh. Oh well, Eric needed some help moving furniture anyway. So as we are moving furniture we hear Metallica is coming on tour. We jumped on Ticketmaster.com to check it out, and picked up some lower bowl tickets!

Going to Metallica! Rock!

I'm thinking of wearing a pink polo shirt to the concert, what do you guys think? &#59;)

Well after getting tickets ordered we went to get canning supplies from Eric's parents. Couldn't find it though. So I ran up and got my moms stuff. Then I supervised as Eric and Natalie made some Peach jam. And everything turned out... peachy. :P

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I just got a call... They still didn't figure out my Sleep Apnea and want me to go in for a THIRD time. In the words of Brock Sampson, "This is getting STUPID!" I'm seriously getting so tired of them doing these dumb studies. They tried a horrible setting last time where I was fighting the machine. Sitting there, fighting a stupid machine that is wanting me to breathe like I'm running all night... not going to happen.

Stupid doctors....

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Ya know, sometimes you really don't want to write. This is the main stumbling block to my blogging success. It's not that I don't want to get these memories down, it's that I don't want to write them out of laziness I guess... And thus why I finish these posts day's late...

Anywho, yesterday was my Mom's birthday. Kristi and Dana came down, and Larsen and I hung and watched a bit of Justice League, which was awesome. Then Lacey drove down here and we went up to the State Fair. I had asked her if she was a fair kinda girl, which she answered with an emphatic yes. So we went up to the fair. On our way we dropped off some gluten free stuff to Natalie that Lacey had brought down. Very cool of her. After some driving around we got parked, and made our way in. Saw some cows. Saw some pigs. Saw some goats. Yup. I gotta say livestock just ain't that appealing to me. So we kept wandering, looking over exhibits all over the place. There was a 4H club room and some people did models out of Lego's. That was cool. I was totally into that.

Kept wandering around, and looked at just about everything. Tried a funnel cake. Not bad. Then we headed towards the rodeo. Chilled and watched the rodeo for a bit, the mutton bustin was the best part. Little 3-6 year olds hanging on to sheep with all they have. That was great fun. We left the rodeo shortly after that. Back into the thick of things. We played a few games. I tried to win her a stuffed animal, but the guy cheated and helped Lacey beat me... cheater. &#59;) Checked out the sideshow. Kinda always wanted to see one of them. Everything looked just as I expected it to... in a glass jar. &#59;) Then we hit up some rides. I rallied on the bumper cars, going around the entire area, dodging everyone else, gaining speed, to um... gently bump. :> Towards the end we picked up the fabled fried PB&J, and I made Lacey take a bite of a fried twinkie. The booth sucked. Way too much batter on them. Oh well. We headed back.

Driving home I showed off the awesome (weak) guitar talent (fumbling) I did a couple years ago with Tony. Played her a song Tony and I wrote together one night. Made it back to my place where we stood around outside talking.

Well I just got enough fair to last another 20 years. &#59;)

Edit: I should clarify I DID have a lot of fun there with Lacey. The fair itself just isn't my thing. But I did have lots of fun.

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It was time for another group ride. Ryan Madsen, Micah Flowers, Eric & I all met up at Macey's at 7:30 last night and began our ride. We planned to go up and over the point of the mountain into Highland, then up and over the Alpine Loop. So we headed down 13th East to start the trip.

Wow. That is a cool road that goes up and over the mountain! And I noticed tons of hiking trails along it! I really want to check them out more. As we neared the top I would look over my left shoulder and had an awesome view of the Salt Lake Valley. I can understand why people are building up there. The road isn't that steep either, so I doubt winters are a problem. And it's 5 lanes wide! It's huge!

Then we started coming down into Highland. Same thing, this time of "Happy Valley." We made our way down into Highland, and towards the canyon. By this time it was completely dark. We got to the entrance only to find it was a fee area. D'oh! Only Ryan knew ahead of time. So we scrounged around, paid up, and headed up.

One thing happened as we got higher and higher, it got colder and colder! I did go buy new gloves before we started the ride, but they weren't doing enough. We got to the top, and started back down. Let me tell you, it's a good thing the speed limit was 20. I was leading, and we'd start a turn, and I would be thinking it should be over, but it kept going, doing a 180. Going down though was the funnest part. That's where the twisties are, even if they are slow. One nice thing about going at night is the oncoming traffic was light. That made things much better. Daytime and warmth would have been great though.

We finally got down past Sundance to Provo Canyon. Stopped for a quick break, and decided to try to find a 24 hour waffle house. So we cruised down the canyon, and on to 8th north. Down that to State, then north. What is wrong with Happy Valley! Doesn't anyone go to a Dee's or Denny's at 10 pm on a Friday night? We seriously didn't see a singe one. So we trucked it up to Sandy and went to Denny's off 106th South. Got some hot chocolate, and called it a night.

A flippin cold night...

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(Again, changing the date as I want to write about this, but have put it off. &#59;))
Yesterday I got up much earlier than I normally do on a Monday and headed over to Eric's. We loaded up the 4-wheelers, and along with Jason & Jodi, and Aaron & Lisa Reimann, went out to Little Sahara. It took us a bit to get out there, but we arrived and unloaded around 11 am. The weather had said thunderstorms... we drove though some, but not a single drop after we passed Eureka. Perfect weather!

After unloading it was time for a ride. We just went out into the dunes and had fun. Ran back for lunch, then went out to the mountain. I was leading, and the sand was perfect for high speed. Smooth, you could avoid the rythems if you wanted, and no really bad razorbacks. I think it was the fastest I have ever gotten to the mountain. What impressed me was Jodi was with us the entire time! Played around a bit, then headed back.

The 3rd ride out was one of the best! It started with Jodi tipping over! I ran up and just heard her laughing. Well, I guess she's OK. Her feet were pinned under the front of the quad, so I pushed it off her, and she was fine. We then started following some tracks and found bowl after bowl after bowl. It was really cool. We tried to find it later and couldn't. At the end of the bowl section I noticed a nice little jump. I jumped around 20 feet on it. What really impressed me again was Jodi! She jumped as far as Jason was!

Around 8 we packed up and got on the road around 8:30. It was such a fun day! And I felt like I rode much better than last time, and wasn't nearly as exhausted.

Today though... ughh... I've been half asleep all day. So tired, so sore, so worth it.

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(Note I'm altering the date on this to keep things in order...)

So yesterday I had an awesome opportunity to go out with this girl I've been chatting with a lot online. We had tried to go out the week before, but things didn't work out. But they did yesterday.

I met up with Eric & Natalie at the mouth of Big Cottonwood canyon where we were going to ride our motorcycles up to Ogden to pick up my date. By the time we got to her house it was about 55 miles, and my butt was totally numb! We stretched for a few minutes a few streets away as I tried to figure out where her house was.... Yes I was a bit lost. But thanks to Ryan Madsen letting me borrow his GPS I quickly located where we needed to be.

After stretching for a few we went over and picked up Lacey. (She's really hot BTW...) We stopped to grab some water, and headed towards North Ogden Canyon. It was a pretty canyon, but kinda short. Right after the top you drop down into Liberty. We stopped in Eden for a quick break, before continuing on towards Huntsville and on to Causey Reservoir. On our way towards Huntsville I took one corner a little too hot, scrapped my floorboard, and went off the road! I was a little worried we were going to crash, but did my best to keep us upright. I checked back with Lacey to see if she was OK, and she replied fine.

We made our way to Causey Road where we stopped at a little cafe and grabbed some quick dinner. I tried their buffalo burger, which was pretty good. We finished up and made our way up to Causey Reservoir to take a look. Pretty empty. Then we started the ride back. This time we were going on the south side of Pineview Reservoir, and down Ogden Canyon. We of course were stuck behind some people who liked to go 10 mph less than the speed limit so it was pretty slow going.

Then of course came the sad part of the trip, taking Lacey back. Due to many things we needed to get back to SLC before it got too late. So we took her home, chatted for a few minutes, and started the ride back. Rather than take I-15 back (freeways suck), we took Harrison & Highway 89 back until we got to Farmington at least. Then it was back on the freeway all the way back. Before we started back the clouds looked really bad, so it was nice that we beat the rain.

It was a good fun cruise. It was nice to finally meet Lacey, and I can't wait to see her again. More and more I see I need a new seat and saddle bags for my motorcycle though. A back rest would be nice to for passengers. Well, there's all winter to get that stuff.

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