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So I'm driving to work this morning, and while I'm on Wasatch I notice a rock chip I got on Friday start to split. Within no time its 10" across my windshield. Crud I'm thinking. Continue on my way to work. It was at 20th East that my problems… more »
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At the end of last month I ordered some saddlebags for my motorcycle. I got them today. Let me tell you the tale... I had been searching around for several months trying to decide on which bags I should buy. I finally decided on the Edge Leather… more »
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So yesterday during the rain my power went out. My UPS' battery is pretty much shot, and as it was it didn't power my server long enough for it to shut down correctly. So the server shutdown hard. And it wasn't happy. Especially the virtual… more »
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There are two new things here... put your guesses in the comments! Sorry, don't know why the comments weren't working before... should be good now. more »
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In an effort to save money I just performed the "homeboy" mod on my motorcycle. Right in the middle of the seat there is a hump in the plastic. Due to this the foam is thinner there, and it causes much butt pain. The mod is to remove the hump. I was… more »
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I finally got back on the bike today. Granted, it was planted on a trainer, but still got on it. I only did about 2 miles, not much, but it totally killed my legs. I guess the factor is I'm out of shape. But that's why I got the trainer. I'm hoping… more »
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So I had a nice weekend away. Tony, his brother Matt, and I went up to a condo in Eden, UT for the weekend. I had originally booked the condo back in November. Originally the plan was myself and Lacey, Tony & Chelsey, & Eric & Natalie.… more »
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Last night when I got home I had two awesome packages waiting for me. New wheels for my mountain bike so I could mount the disc brakes I bought 3 months ago, and Firefly on Blu-ray. I popped in disc 1 and got to work. I had the new brakes mounted up… more »
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Had a little man's night last night. Steve came over around 4:30 while I was playing Lego Star Wars. We played for a little while, then ran to grab some grub at Panda Express. On the way there we saw a Mazda 3 that had been in an accident... the… more »
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For the first time ever I think, I hung up some lights at this house. Due to the roof line it is very hard, so I was only able to get them up over the garage. In order to do all of my house you would definitely need a boom lift. The only thing I ever… more »
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Last night was an event I had planned with Lacey for about a month. I left work and picked her up at 5:30. We then drove up to Logan. She had no clue was was going on. We arrived, parked, and went into the Ellen Eccles Theatre. We stood in the… more »
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Well before I get to the pain, I guess I should write up everything else... On Friday the 21st Lacey and I met up with Steve & Becky, & Eric & Natalie to see Twilight. I personally thought it wasn't bad. Not something I want to watch over… more »
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Saturday I was outside taking care of some leaves when Lacey called me. She was down at Southtown shopping with her sister. I finished off the hole I was working on, dug half of a new one, and got on my motorcycle to ride down. I met up with them and… more »
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Yup, I broke the gallery. I did something stupid that I knew better. I edited my last SQL backup file, and it was truncated. I should have edited a copy, but nope... I screwed up. What does this mean? It means all pictures from October 26th will… more »
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On Saturday I slept in nice and late, which was nice. Around 2 I jumped on my motorcycle and rode down to Eric's. I helped them a bit as they got stuff to take to the DI, and move their patio furniture inside. Then up to my house. Started up the Wii… more »
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So last night Lacey and I went to the Grizzlies game. The night was called "Pink in the Rink", and the ice was pink as some of the money from the night went to the Susan G. Komen foundation. Lacey and I were both wearing our pink of course. We were on… more »
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Yesterday after work I headed over to Eric's house to hang out while Natalie was at Paint class. We were playing some Rockband and Lacey and I started sending text messages back and forth. After she said she was in a cuddling mood I started teasing… more »
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So Wednesday night I decided to see if my suit still fit, as I haven't worn it for a year and a half. Nope. So yesterday morning I ran over to the Men's Warehouse and hoped they would be able to alter it that same day for me. They agreed thankfully!… more »
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Last night was Metallica! Right after work I ran to pick up Ryan, then we drove up to Eric's work to meet up with Eric and Steven. We all piled into Steven's car and drove to downtown. Found a sweet free parking spot just a half block from the arena.… more »
Issue time10:14:31 am, by Waterman981  
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So after spending 2 days home sick, I made it back to work yesterday. After work I ran home, grabbed a couple movies, and headed up to Ogden to be with Lacey, and hang out with her friends for Halloween. One of her friends was house sitting, and… more »
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