Yesterday the framing crew finished up. I did a walk though with the contractor and only found a handful of things to fix.

Then the HVAC crew came in and put in most of the vents. (We had to block them off as our upstairs wasn't cooling off properly in the afternoon... I'm guessing we'll be doing some type of zoning before sheetrock... yet more money.)

And they put in the returns, and in the process destroyed the sound wall between the bathroom and the theater.

At first I was just worried about the 4 gang box I'll need for the graphic eye I plan to install for the theater in the future. Then I thought more about it... I can't insulate it, so it's a hollow cavity, thus amplifying any sound. Then I realized with the whisper clips and channel to hang the drywall, it won't be a closed space anyway and completely pointless.

So they will end up fixing that wall back to a 2x6 staggered stud wall, until I'm happy. HVAC guys should finish the last vents today, and the plumber was supposed to start today as well, busting up concrete to move the drains, and possibly running the new lines for the water.

Also, we finally got our strawberries planted over the weekend!

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