Katie hates the beige throughout our house, so decided to paint it. Unfortunately she picked a weekend that she had a lot of real work to do, so we enlisted her parents to come help. They came over, along with our sister-in-law to help out, both with painting and child wrangling so Katie could work. We got the ceiling painted white, and 3 of the walls in the room.

The next week I took Friday off to mount the TV on the wall. After making my first two holes I though I had a problem.

Notice the wood in the hole on the left? That was taking up room in the wall. And that section was just above a cold air return. I didn't think the whole wall was part of the system, so pulled the vent to check. Fortunately it was closed off so I could continue.

I then made a large access hole to fit the drill in to run through the fire blocking. But I couldn't find it. Since I couldn't see in I came up with a clever solution, sticking my phone in to take a picture! Worked brilliantly and I did that several other times.

After I had my access holes I ran my cables. Power up the wall then across. 2 HDMI, 2 runs of coax, 3 network, and a stereo 3.5mm cable for the IR repeater.

And into the closet where I added the other end of the cables.

I made a large access panel to drop the network and coax cables directly down into the utility room.

Then came patching the holes. First some wood for backing. Then replacing the sheetrock. Some joint tape, followed by several coats of mud.

A few days later after work Katie finished painting the last wall. Before bed it was even dry enough to put the covers back on everything.

We wired everything up. (still messy, but all in the closet)

Then we connecting and cleaning up the dust I created.

After Christmas we plan to hang crown moulding to finish the room off completely. We love it. Such a calm peaceful color, and the clean wall is awesome!

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