Today I built the bases for the cockpit. I started off with a 2x4 structure. Then added 1x4's of nicer wood around the outside of that.

Then I just had to put a skin on the sides. Unfortunately I only had that crappy wood, so it's not super great.

For the right side one I added additional structural support, then cut a V into the top. Into the V I installed my throttles in a wooden surround. To route the cables out of the throttle enclosure I used my Dremel to carve out a channel for the wires, then drilled holes to run to the back of the base. So I do still need to figure out how I want to do that last side. Due to the wiring I will need to be able to get access, so it must be removable. Perhaps I will get MDF for that side...

I need to cut the bottom plate to width and screw down the rudder pedals. I'll then tilt it on end and screw the bottom plate into both bases.

I got some L brackets to attach the dash to the bases, but they are too small, so I'll have to go get larger ones, then it should be rock solid.

Oh yeah, and paint too... but honestly right now... I don't care.

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