Tonight we got home and I got to work. I started cutting the last of the bead board. After all my pieces were cut we did a marathon to hang them. One, then the next, then the next. Katie electrocuted herself again. It actually went really quick.

After that I wanted to get some of the trim cut, so I measured the one that would be cut short and made that 45 degree cut. I also cut another quickie that would be full length, but just need 45's on both ends.

It's starting to come along much quicker, and I can see the finish line. Tomorrow I'll try to finish the chair rail, then will be some corner trim, putting silicone in the gaps, and filling the nail holes, followed by a last coat of paint.

And Katie adds: "P.S. we still have to finish the missed spots in the *)(@#$ closet! (Don't ever paint a closet)"

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