Yesterday we did some errands to get ready for the weekend. First we stopped at Sears over lunch to pick up a router table I bought. Second stop was after work at my moms house to grab my dad's old router. Went home and I mounted them together, perfect fit! We then did a bit more painting. I had gone to far with the blue in some spots and hit the ceiling, so Katie covered those up. She also finished the window casing, and the closet frame. I got more of the bead board painted, along with the other side of the closet doors.

Tonight was more errands than painting. We ran over to Katie's parent's house to borrow her dad's jig saw. I didn't think about it when we were at my mom's to borrow hers. That was alright though as we also borrowed his miter saw for some trim cutting. After picking them up we went out to dinner with them then headed home. I did get the last of the bead board coated with a single coat of paint.

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