After taking the day off the nursery yesterday, we went back to it today. First step was a Home Depot run. We picked up an extra gallon of white paint, and got our bead board for the bottom of the room. At 4'x8' sheets, they wouldn't fit in either of our vehicles, so we had a worker there cut them exactly in half for us. The first one was way off, with one board being about an inch longer than the other, but the rest were fine. We ended up with 10 sheets 4' by 4'. We squeezed them into the back of Katie's Outback and headed home.

Once home I began painting downstairs, while Katie painted in the nursery. I got out the sprayer and started applying a first coat of paint to each of the boards, as well as painting the closet doors white to match the rest of the room. Katie continued in the closet but it was slow going. After I was done I brought up the sprayer to use in the closet. We masked off all the carpet in the closet, and I started spraying. It went so much quicker and better than rolling & brushing. Some quick back rolling and it was mostly done. It does look like I missed some spots, so we'll have to hit those again later.

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