The time is coming quickly, so it was time to start setting up the nursery. There was a lot that Katie wanted to do, so we planned to start early. Here's some before pictures (click to embiggen!). Wall and ceiling the same color. The trim and door were the same before we moved in.

First step was to pull down the speakers and the light fixture. We were finally going to get rid of the beige ceiling paint. Katie picked up 2 gallons of ceiling paint, which is pretty flat, and kind of thicker. It actually went up pretty quick. We waited about 20 minutes after finishing and did a second coat. After the bulk of that dried I reinstalled the lights and speakers into the ceiling while Katie did the edges.

We did some cleanup to prepare to paint the walls next. We had painted a spot of the color we wanted, and were happy with the color. So we started off the walls. (This picture shows the color well.)

The nice thing was we weren't doing the whole wall, as we had other plans for the bottom. Two coats and we were done for the day. Here's a few shots of the room at the end of the day. These two are cell phone pictures, so the color is off.

Two coats done!It's already starting to take shape

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