Saturday morning the power went out. When it went out, it looks like it took the furnace out with it. The house didn't get too cold until Saturday night, so I started investigating exactly what is wrong. The furnace uses an electric heating element to light the gas. That element isn't working. I don't know if it's the element itself, or the switch that turns it on, but that's where the fault lies.

So Sunday I left the furnace on (I had already turned the gas off) to circulate the air around the house, hoping to keep it warmer. It was 62 degrees in the morning. It stayed there pretty much all day, and I went up to Katie's house for dinner that night, so I didn't get too cold. When I got home I piled the blankets on my bed, and slept nice and warmly. This morning I woke up early for work, so I had a bit of time. I manually lit the furnace, and warmed the house up for the first time in days. When I left I turned the gas back off, leaving the fan going. Tonight I'll do the same.

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