Last night Jason and I rolled into Moab around 7 pm. We set up our tent quickly, then went into town for dinner and ice. We decided pasta was the item of choice before the epic riding to take place, so we went to Pasta Jay's. After dinner we kept the night simple, and just picked up some ice, and watched a short mountain biking movie.

Friday morning we both woke up about 6:30 am. First we went into town to get breakfast at the Pancake Haus. Way overpriced. Nobody ever go there. Then we cruised back to camp, got dressed and made our way out to the brand trails. We started on the Bar M, heading south. Our plan was to ride everything except the Killer B trail. So first up was the Bar B. It started out as nice singletrack with a few rocks to go over. It wasn't long though before I hit a rock, stalled, and ended up going over my handlebars. I laid there for a minute as the adrenaline started surging through me. Eventually I made my way up as Jason came upon the carnage. No damage to me, but the mount for my computer was toast. As we continued on I walked more and more of the trail. It was over tons of large individual rocks, and I wasn't handling them well. Eventually we got to dirt, where the riding was much simpler.

After the loop of the Bar B finished, we got on Rocking A. It was much better than the Bar B, but I still would have hard times in the technical areas. I took my time, and was slow, but eventually we reached the Circle O trail. This one was the easiest of the three on rock, and there were fewer areas where I walked, but I still felt better on it than the other ones. Finally it reached the other end of the Bar M, and we finished the loop back around to the car. I had forgotten to put sunscreen on, and after that long ride I was paying for it. Sunburns on my legs, arms, face, and neck.

We loaded up and went back to town, stopping at McDonalds for a quick cheap lunch. Then back to camp where we both crashed. The heat along with the effort just did us in. About 3 PM we left the camp again to go ride. We stopped at a bike shop to get some parts for Jason's brakes. The shop hooked him up, and recommended to us to ride Dead Horse Point. We checked it out online really quick, and decided sure. So we made the drive out there, about 30 miles from Moab.

We started on the trail itself, me riding gingerly due to saddle sores, and made our way out to the first viewpoint. Nice. Then on to the the second view point. Cool. We continued on. We turned a corner and suddenly saw a rock wall right in front of us. There was no way we were riding that. So we hiked our bikes up and over that. Jason got on and started riding again. Another little steep rocky climb, and he stalled out! Over he went onto his left side, smacking his knee directly onto a rock. He slowly got up, feeling the pain in his knee. We paused for a minute as he tried to work it out, then got riding again.

A few corners later there was a narrow rocky climb. Jason went up first, then my turn. I started going up. The trail was super loose, and although I was in the right gear I spun out. I started going over. I quickly unclipped my right foot to try to put it down. It slid off the rocks on the side, and down my leg went off a small cliff to the right! Fortunately the cliff was only two feet tall, so I did catch myself with on foot on the ground, the other clipped into my bike, which was now sideways.

I'd pretty much had enough with the crash and the pain in my rear, so at the last turn off, I started to loop back. Jason would continue on to complete the full loop. I made my way back, taking my time, and eventually reached the car. I pulled out my camera and started taking photos. It was about 5 PM when Jason got back. We took some time to take some pictures at both the visitor center, and out at Dead Horse Point itself. We didn't want to take the time though to get good light, so finished up and headed back. It was shower time.

Back at camp we both showered up, then headed out for dinner. We ended up going to the Moab Diner where I topped of my Kokopelli Chicken Sandwich with some apple pie a la mode. Another ice run then back to camp, where after I spent some time texting Katie, we both crashed hard.

Throughout the day I though often of how fun it would be to bring Katie down, and we both spend time taking pictures. I told her that, and we decided we need to do it this next spring.

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Comment from: Katie [Visitor]

Your pictures are amazing! It sounds like you had some great times (and some scary ones).

Tue Sep 14, 2010 @ 11:51

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