Tonight was mountain biking Monday. Eric was able to get off work early, so we loaded up quick, and went down to Corner Canyon. I was a little worried as my left calf was killing me. We started up the central trail on our way to Clark's. My leg ended up doing pretty good. We pushed kinda hard, and made it up to the top after about 45 minutes of riding. Of course that doesn't include the stopping time. That probably added up to another 45 minutes. &#59;)

Then the descent. Jason wanted us to branch off to lower Ghost Falls. Ok, no problem. So we started first down Brock's, then over and down Canyon Hollow. It was much easier to descent with sunlight! No problems, so we continued down the Lower Ghost Falls trail. At one point I almost ate it, when my bike started going out from under me. I recovered though and continued on. Towards the bottom there was a few small rock gardens. Enough that you had to watch your pedals. Apparently Jason had stopped going through there first, and Eric did the same. Eric got out of it just as I got there. I was ready to ride over it, but I had scrubbed off too much speed waiting for it to be clear. I stalled half way through it. In a flash I went down on my right side, still clipped into the bike. Bike on top of me, I layed there on my back. I took a few seconds, unclipped, then got up and we finished the trail. No damage to my arms, but my right leg has some road rash from where it scrapped over one of the rocks.

Only one way to finish up an epic ride... Food! We went over to Del Taco where I got 5 chicken soft taco's. Mmmm... After getting home, I started getting cleaned up to truly evaluate the damage. Not to bad to the leg. But not so good was I've developed a blister on my left foot. Crap! That was the least of it though... I sweat far to much up there and developed a rash. :no: I foresee days of pain.

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