As I was getting ready to leave work I got the word from Jason that Eric would be working very late tonight.  That meant he wouldn't be making the ride.  So Jason and I discussed what to do.  He decided to try to call his mom and Natalie to see if either of them could watch Amber.   His mom couldn't, and he wasn't able to get a hold of Natalie.  So we decided to call it this week.  However I still wanted to ride.

I went to an optometrist appointment right after work, then cruised home.  It was hot.  Very hot.  I didn't want to ride right then, so I chilled.  At about 6 I decided to eat dinner.  It would probably be better I thought if I ate earlier, rather than after my ride.  I had buns that would be going bad soon, so I cooked up some hot dogs.  Added some chipotle mayo, yummy.  I chilled, drank a bunch of water, and watched le Tour.

About 7:15 I started getting ready, and by 7:30 I was on the road.  The temperature was now perfect, if perhaps a little warm.  I wanted yet another new ride, so I went south.  Down into Dimple Dell.  Where the road turns west there is a road that T's off to the south, I turned up it.  This road is a climb.  It's about a 1/2 mile long and goes straight up to Wasatch Blvd.  I had done it many times in the past, but this was the first time this year.  I was doing pretty good.  I went up it far faster than I ever had in the past.  With about 30 meters to go there is a circle off to the right.  I've done many laps of that circle to keep the legs spinning, and today was no different. After just two laps though I was ready to make the final push to Wasatch.

After getting to Wasatch I decided that rather than turning left and heading home I would go right. I rode along Wasatch for a few miles until I got to the entrance to the Bonneville Shoreline trail. From there the road went down sharply, and I didn't want to climb back up it, so I turned around and followed Wasatch back.

When I got back to 94th I decided that rather than take the usual left I would go right and head up towards the canyon. This is where I started regretting those hot dogs. I started burping up hot dog, and my stomach was screaming. I contemplated riding up to the crest above La Caille as my legs had it in them, but decided I better turn around at the start of the canyon. After that it was a quick cruise home. 9 miles. I slammed a Gatorade recovery drink, which seems to help my legs feel better later.

After cleaning up I started up le Tour again. I watched for a while, then decided to finish Lego Harry Potter. After looking through some strategy guides I realized that the last two gold bricks I needed to unlock Voldemort were the ones I got from rescuing the last two Students in Peril. I found the last two, then finally finished the game unlocking Voldemort. Of course now that it's done I wonder if I'll ever play it again. Once that was done, it was back to le Tour to finish this stage I'm on. I'm only 5 behind! &#59;)

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