Got home, used the new tool. Had the wheel off in 5 minutes.

Of course after I got the wheel off I started thinking... do I really want to replace this? This tires still has quite a bit of tread left.

I measured the tread depth... 1/8". Or think of it as 4/32nds... Definitely supposed to replace it at 2/32nds. So do I replace them together? I called Eric to ask his opinion. After talking it through we're both thinking save the money, it should last another month. But when I think that the tire probably started around 8/32nds, there isn't much left. And I'm definitely going with a different brand of tire, so it would be good to have the tires more equal as far as attributes. The rear is always going to wear faster, it's just how it goes with motorcycle tires.

But I'm definitely replacing the rear!
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So the question then is, do I replace both or just the rear? Leave you answer in the comments, and I'll be sure to look in the short time before I go to get the replacement(s).

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