Friday after work I first went over to Ryan Reimann's house to clean a virus off his computer. While doing that he mentioned that Eric would be home alone as his family all went up to a cabin. As soon as I was done with the computer I rode over to Eric's place. First off we jumped on our motos and cruised up Big Cottonwood Canyon. I scraped my floorboards more on that ride than I ever have before. At Doughnut Falls we turned around and headed back down. We went to Eric's grandparents to help his dad move some furniture around for them. After that we rode over to get some dinner at Iggy's, and followed it up with going to see Prince of Persia. I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. It's definitely one I'll be buying. When I got home I started work on my moms car. The battery was dead. They had removed it from the car, and since it didn't have standard terminals, just screw type, I cleaned all the terminals well and put it back in then on a battery charger.

Today I got up about 11, and first off watched two episodes of Stargate Atlantis. Then I checked on the car. The batter still wasn't charged. As I removed it I noticed it was leaking acid. Nice, the battery it toast. Then it was time to meet up with Jason and Amber. I drove up to the Century 16 on 33rd, where we saw Toy Story 3 in 3D. I really enjoyed it, but wow the end made me cry. After that I headed home and and watched the last two episodes. Finally finished with all of the original Stargate shows... now for the new one, Stargate Universe. It looks to be very different from SG-1 and Atlantis, so I don't know if I'll enjoy it like them. By the time I finished, Eric was back from the truck races at Miller. I loaded up the battery and drove over there. As the tire was bought through Quality he was going to help me warranty it. But all the Napa stores closed about 2 minutes after I got there. Doh! Oh well. We went out anyway to grab some dinner at Golden Corral. My first time going there since they came back to the state. Then we went over to Best Buy where I was going to buy the new Lego Harry Potter, but were foiled as it doesn't come up until next week! Doh! So we went back to Eric's place and played some Risk until Natalie and the girls got home. After our game was done I called it a night and came home.

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