Friday was Lagoon day for my work. I was pretty much solo at work. I was able to get Rich to cover the help desk for the rest of the day, and was able to leave a little early. I booked it up to Lagoon to join Eric & Natalie & their kids. I met up with them as all the girls got off The Bat. Eric, Kirsten, Whitnee and I all went and rode Jet Star II. Kirsten was pretty much terrified. Two years earlier she rode everything with Eric and I. After Jet Star II we hit up Flying Aces, then went to the Rocket.

Kirsten didn't want to ride the Rocket, so it was just Eric, Whitnee, & I. After going through the line it was time to get on. Eric & I tried, but our midsections said otherwise. :( Whitnee said she still wanted to ride it, so off she went on Re-Entry. With how fast it went it was hard to see her face, but we definitely heard her screams. After the ride was over she told her dad it was a little scary without him there.

An hour had gone by, so we met back up with Natalie & Kennedy. We all walked through Pioneer Village to cool off. First we stopped for some ice cream in "town", then went on to Rattlesnake Rapids. Eric ended up going under the main waterfall... he got drenched. After getting off Kirsten & Whitnee were pleading to do it again, while Kennedy absolutely did not. We stopped by Lagoon-a-beach where they picked up their clothes from the lockers, and we headed out to their car to drop it all off.

After coming back in the park we split up again. This time Kirsten stayed with Natalie & Kennedy, while Eric, Whitnee, and I headed to the big coasters. Apparently Whitnee had rode the Wild Mouse earlier in the day and wanted to do it again. I was closed for maintenance though, so instead we went on the Spider. With Eric & Whitnee on one side, and me on the other, we spun so much going on that thing. Far too much mass. &#59;) After that we learned that Whitnee screams because "you scream when it's fun". Good enough! So next we jumped on the Wicked. More screaming... she liked that one too. There was no line for Colossus, so we jumped on it for a quick ride.

After that it was time to meet up again for dinner. We grabbed some BBQ in Pioneer village. As I got mine first, I finished early. Kirsten didn't eat much so the two of us went and jumped on the log ride. I got more wet on that than I did on Rattlesnake Rapids. After dinner we headed back to the north end of the park so Whitnee could ride the "octopus ride". She was driving with Natalie in their car. I think she was trying to get her mom wet, and succeeded pretty well. Next was the bumper cars.

After that I was wanting to hit the dragsters. I talked Eric into it, and we went and bought tickets. Went into the pre-stage room and had to deal with a guy who spoke terrible English, and couldn't properly communicate what to do, and the safety needed. The people in there ended up chickening out and giving their tickets to some guys with them who never went through the instructions. The guy took them out, and put them in the cars while Eric and I waited. These guys had no clue what they were doing and it took forever! The screwed up the first race... the second... one the third... then the operators gave them a 4th... Finally they got out. Two other people had joined us in waiting and they pleaded with the guy to run all 4 cars, which Eric and I were totally fine with. We all staged perfectly, and had no errors. In crossing the line I beat Eric all three times, however he beat me on time twice. I was just better at launching.

After our races were over we hurried down to Dracula's Castle, where I rode with Bean. She pretty much immediately ducked down to hide, so I kinda pulled her up to see it. After she said it was too scary and didn't want to do it again. So we went to the Terror Ride! I rode with Kirsten and Natalie, and Natalie and I kept screaming throughout it. I don't think it affected Kirsten though. They wanted to try to get another ride in from Mother Goose land, so we walked over there. Eric and I decided to run and see if we could catch a ride on the Turn of the Century. Got on the very last one. We then walked back over, to see all the girls were getting on the merry-go-round. It was time for a churro, so Eric and I quickly went over to the churro stand and got our fix. After the girls ride was over, the park was shutting down, so we headed out, and came home.

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