Saturday was pretty mellow. I mostly chilled at home, and did a bit of cleaning. At 4:00 I headed over to Steve and Becky's open house. After it ended we chilled and talked until about 7:00, when we all headed home.

Sunday I went to Cathy Tice's viewing. It reminded me so much of my dad's viewing, that it was hard to stay long. I had to hope I would do better at her funeral.

Monday was her funeral. It was great hearing about her crazy sense of humor. I don't think I ever got it fully. Everyone did such a great job at painting a picture of her life. After the service I hitched a ride with Eric & Natalie to the cemetery for that service. After all the services were finished we all joined Cliff and Amy for lunch. Shortly after getting home Eric came over with his trailer to empty at the dump. We threw my old mattress on top, and headed out to the Trans-Jordan landfill. After emptying the entire trailer Eric dropped me off at home. I made some dinner really quick, then got on my motorcycle and headed to Steve's. Eric arrived about a half hour later, and we popped in some Battlestar Galactica. We watched three episodes, and downed some delicious white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. After that I headed home and called it a night.

Tonight after work was a pretty mellow night. I've just been chilling all night.

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