I'm going to post date the weekend, so be sure to read the older post!

Today I woke up at about 7 am. I slept like crap all night! The main reason was because of the wind. My tent was blowing like crazy! I kept hearing noises that sounded like ripping or tearing. Then to top it off there was a big rock under me. Due to those stupid thorns though I wanted to stay on my 1" thick pad as much as possible.

So I got dressed, and headed out. A few minutes later Jason followed. We got the cooking area ready, and cooked up some eggs and bacon for breakfast. Cleaned up from breakfast and got in the car to start searching. We drove further in, got to the end of the road, and started looking around. Looked at a few places, then finally found a crack we could exploit. We started working on it, and eventually got it to break through. Our first find of the day! We figured out how to get to it, and where to find it. It got a little chilly, so Jason and Amber ran back to camp to get sweaters and snacks. The rest of the hunt became much easier with knowing what we were doing. We spent a couple more hours collecting topaz. About noon we stopped to eat lunch. I was already feeling very satisfied, and Jason was pretty tired. We went back to camp and decided to go for a hike. We hiked the opposite way of where we were looking for Topaz, and ended up going up a wash. We got to another section of the rock that contained topaz, and found a bunch of sun washed topaz on the outside of the rocks. This rock was far to hard to break up, so we let it be. On the way back we took a couple shots at some bottles with a .22 pistol and a BB gun. The BB gun lost.

After we got back Jason and I discussed the plan. We were both pretty tired, and didn't want to spend another night out there in the wind. So we packed up camp and got back on the road. To try to avoid the construction on I-15 this time we went through Eureka, and along Utah Lake. We got back in town about 7 pm. I got cleaned up, an really realized how tired I was. There was no way I could go up to Jason's house, and safely drive home after.

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