My weekend started early. Today I was able to leave work a little early to get home and get on the road for the weekend. I got home, got the last of my stuff all together, then loaded it up once Jason & Amber arrived. We got on the road and headed down south. The tent I was planning on taking was with my sister, so we went there first. Traffic on I-15 was nasty. I'm guessing it's that way every day now with the new construction project. We stopped and picked it up, and I ran in really quick to see my new niece. We then grabbed a bite to eat at Wendy's then continued onward. We stopped for gas in Nephi, then finished the long, long, drive out to Topaz Mountain.

We arrived just after the sun set. We had to quickly find a camping spot. Stopped in one spot that was surrounded by junipers... felt pretty windy so I suggested we get closer to the mountains. We kept driving, and eventually spotted a clearing off of a side road. We parked it, and started checking it out. Pretty clear, a few level spots. We started getting set up, and that's when we noticed the thorns. The ground was completely covered with them. Everything that looked like just a desert grass was actually the thorn plants. We had no daylight left so we just continued setting up camp.

First we set up a spare tent Jason brought as a "potty tent". Amber needed to go, so it was our priority. We got it set up quick, and put the porta-potty in it. Despite how close we were the to mountains it was still windy. I then got started on my tent. Setting them up amidst the thorns was difficult. I got mine done, then started helping Jason. He had brought an air mattress and noticed those stupid thorns were poking through the bottom of his tent. He placed a blanket down first, then went for the air mattress.

Once we were all set up we pulled out our chairs for a few minutes, and just enjoyed the night. As the wind kept getting stronger and stronger I was ready to get into my tent to keep it on the ground. After a few minutes, with the wind blowing my tent half over Jason walked up to tell me the bad news. The "potty tent" blew over, along with the porta-potty.

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