As most people who read my blog know, today Cliff's mom passed away. Yet again strengthening the knowledge that cancer sucks and we need to be putting so much more into research to fight it. It was very hard for me on Monday, when we took them dinner, to see Cliff's mom in her condition. It reminded me so much of my dad's last days. While the sorrow never fully goes away, it was better for me after my dad passed. There was a lot to do to get ready for his funeral, which kept us busy. Many may remember I was a complete mess the day of his funeral, but better after it was all over. Peace comes quickly though when you have more time to say goodbye. Hang in there Cliff & Amy, and my thoughts and prayers are with your family.

I'm going to diverge off the above topic to wrap up my day.

After work I booked home and got on my road bike. I was feeling pretty good as I started. I headed up Little Cottonwood, hoping to pass my last personal best on the road. My first quickie break was at the now closed gates to the Pipeline trail. Then the real climbing began. I started slower at the bottom, and took a couple breaks before reaching the Wasatch Resort. After that the grade goes down significantly. I kept climbing. Passed the entrance to Perpetual Storage. I got to where there is the pipe over the river used as a makeshift bridge, when the road kicked up. A lot! The grade got insanely crazy! I kept going, planning to use ever last bit of energy my legs had. Eventually I made it past where I last turned around on the trail with Jason on Memorial Day weekend. A little bit more... Then bam! My legs were done. I went 3.37 miles before stopping. So about 2 miles up the canyon itself, and 1 mile further than last time. It took me 32 1/2 minutes of turning the pedals before I bonked. After resting up I began the descent. Seven minutes later I was home. I also reached a new top speed of 44.5 MPH.

After cleaning up I headed up to Bountiful. Did some quick shopping with Jason, then helped him get his deck back together after he stained it. I couldn't stay too late, so after moving his BBQ and table back on the deck I cruised home... to work. I had about a hour's worth of work to do after people were logged off, so that wrapped up my night.

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