Today the day finally came to install my new fork. I had been waiting for some tools to arrive, which they finally did today. First thing to do was use the fork cutting guide to cut down the steerer tube to length. Next I had to clean up the cut. Quickly around the outside with the grinder, and a quick once over with a file for the inside. Perfect!

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Next was to use the other new tool. A Threadless Nut Setter. Basically it helps you get the star nut to the correct depth into the steerer tube. Just attach the nut to the tool, position it, and start whacking it with a hammer. Simple! After that was in I was able to mount the fork in the frame. Everything fit perfectly.

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The final thing I had to do was attach the disc brake to the new fork. I was trying to use a supplied cable guide, so I ended up shortening the cable and housing. It took a while as I couldn't remember how to set it up, but I finally got it ready to go. Fantastic! I had a flat rear tire from the other day, so I quickly patched it, and got ready for a ride. I've got to test out the new fork.

I started from my house and rode up the canyon. Got on the trail and rode up to the Wasatch Resort. I was constantly stopping, but not because I was tired... because the housing kept coming out of the holder and rubbing the tire. I could have gotten further than the Wasatch Resort, but was worried about the housing rub. So I turned around, unlocked the suspension, and started the downhill. First jump and wow the front end sprung up! I was able to better control the jumps after that. I targeted as many rocks as I could, and the fork handled them great! This is so much better than my old Judy. I was able to set this correctly for my weight, and it's running great.

In the parking lot I inspected the housing. The tire rubbed right through it! I put it back in the holder and locked the fork for the road ride home. Looks like I'll need to get some new housing. The brake housing and cables are fairly new, which kinda sucks. But it will be good to replace all my derailleur cables when my new drive train arrives.


So the other delivery... Jury duty. :(


Comment from: Tony [Visitor]

Sweet mod to the bike. Your the man! Have fun at jury duty…

Sun Jun 06, 2010 @ 14:36
Comment from: [Member]

You should see how your old Trek looks now. ;) Anytime you want to come out riding…

Tue Jun 08, 2010 @ 10:15

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