Wow today was long. Great, but long.

It started at 5 AM. Something was scheduled for work at 5:15, and since I was still on call it fell to me to complete. I got up, and started on the call. My portion only took about 2 minutes, so I was done quick. I jumped in the shower and got cleaned up, then ran to Burger King for some breakfast. Came home and changed into my biking gear.

I was at Eric's house this morning at about 7:20. By 7:30 we were loaded up and on our way. We met up with Jason and Amber at the start of the Legacy Parkway trail. We unloaded and got ready to go. That's when Jason realized he forgot Amber's seat. Doh! He loaded back up and returned home to pick it up. Eric and I started riding to warm up. We went two miles, then went back, and explored a bit further down for 4.5 miles total. Then Jason arrived again. He got unloaded again and we started riding. First we rode north, stopped to rest, then rode south. Rested again, and went to the south end of the trail. Came back up and Eric and I totaled over 15 miles. Not bad. But we were out of time.

We said bye to Jason & Amber and got on our way. We cruised back home, got cleaned up, then met again at Eric's house with our motorcycles. Ryan joined us and we drove out to Miller Motorsports Park for the Superbike race. We parked with all the other bikes at the Tooele grandstand. Walked all the way around to meet up with Ryan at the end of the straightaway, just as the first race ended. Ryan needed a hat, so we walked just about all the way back to the bikes looking at all sorts of stuff. Made our way back just before the 2nd Superbike race started. I took a sec to jump into the Blackhawk they had set up there. We sat down right at the end of the straight away and watched the entire race from there. As soon as it was over Eric jumped in Ryan's car, and I got in one of Ryan's friends as we did a parade lap on the track. That was really cool seeing the track from inside a car.

After the race Eric and I rode back to his house first. My feet were killing me as I had worn my motorcycle boots all day. I could feel the blisters that had formed. I went home and swapped to my car, and some more comfortable shoes. I inspected my sunburn. Not good. I put a bunch of aloe over my face to try to soothe it. Back to Eric's in the car, and we drove down to Ruby River for some dinner. So much, so good. All that was left was to go home and veg on the couch, which is what I'm doing now. Ahhh...

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