Today I wasn't on call for work. I helped someone out last week covering their Thursday, so they covered mine today. Because of that I took a half a day off. Went over to Eric's shop to grab some lunch, then went home. I quickly got suited up and ready to go for a bike ride. Had a new distance personal best in climbing Little Cottonwood, 2.25 miles, to the entrance to the Wasatch Resort. Turned around, hit a new speed record, 43.5 mph coming down the canyon. So 4.5 miles total, and none of it was flat.

After getting cleaned up from the ride I chilled for a while then headed down to Steve's house to watch some Battlestar Galactica. He made some awesome fajitas, and later cooked up some chocolate chip cookies. We plowed through another four episodes. Four more to finish off Season Two.

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