Saturday was pretty mellow for me. I pretty much hung out at home all morning. Around 6 I got extremely bored so I jumped on the motorcycle and rode to Eric's house. They were planting their garden. When they finished we all went to Eric's parents to pick up his moto. Then went by Home Depot for them to pick up some more plants. I chilled and we watched an episode of Firefly, then I headed home.

Once I got home I started taking apart my Santa Cruz. I won't be able to ride it again until Memorial Day as I'm on call all this week. So I removed the fork, and popped out the headset. I then installed it on the Trek bike I had sitting here, along with the RST fork I picked up for $10. Then started putting it together. Got the wheels/tires ready to go. Put the crank and derailleurs back on, then called it a night. Today as I was bored I put the chain back on, along with the cables. I found that one of the arms for the rear brakes is toast, so I'll have to get a new set of brakes there. Other than the rear brakes that is one bike that is done! I am thinking though that the stem may be far too short though, so I may get a longer one for it.

Tomorrow I'm getting the tools to install my new headsets, so since the race is interchangeable I'll be able to install the new headset in my Santa Cruz frame, and the race from the headset that is going on the black bike onto my old Judy. That way I'll have a fork on my bike for a possible ride on Memorial Day since my new fork won't be here before then.

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