I took yesterday off, which was nice. First thing I did was mow the lawn, and get out the trimmer. Right when I finished my boss called me to tell me the stunt rider was about to go. I booked it down to BMW Motorcycles of Utah where they were having a Grand Opening event. The entire BMW Demo fleet was there along with a BMW stunt rider. I got there as the rider was switching bikes from a F800GS to a S1000 sport bike. The guy had sick control of the bike. After he wrapped up I wandered around with my boss. Got a free burger, listened to the Olympia and Scorpion sales people. Then watched the next demo about an hour later. After the second stunt demo we both took off, and I headed back home.

I was hoping to get on my road bike, but by the time I got home it started getting windy. Didn't look appealing. So I chilled at home until about 5pm when Jason called me. We met up and got some dinner at Chipotle by Eric's house, then went and picked up Eric after we were done. Jason wanted to run down to Sportsman's Warehouse so we drove down and looked at a some guns, then for a brief amount of time some bows. Then we cruised up to my house to pick up some tubes and a camelback bladder I was holding of Eric's. As we were chilling I popped in a mountain bike DVD I had since we had been talking about it. Around 10 PM I gave them a ride back to Eric's house and we called it a night.

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