(Note this is being published late purposely.)
Today Eric & I planned to go look at motorcycles. I wanted to find someone who would let me test ride one.

So I got up early planing to mow the lawn, only to find my mom already did it! Dana was outside slowly hacking at a tree. I busted out the chainsaw and we got going. Took down around 4 trees total. These were all trees that made nasty berries that just made a huge mess. So we chopped them all up and put away.

Then it was time to look at bikes. I met Eric over at his place, and we first went down to The Edge in Draper. They had one C50 total. Lame! We did check out the KTM 450 and Can-Am DS-450 quads. Also sat on the Can-Am Spyder. Interesting for sure!

Then we started north. We started with quick stop at South Valley Motorsports to see what they had in the way of Kawasaki 900's, and so Eric could check for some highway bars. Not much, so we grabbed some drinks and drove up to Centerville. Same routine as at South Valley. We figured since we were already this far up, lets go to Layton Cycle. They had nothing. I did sit on a Hayabusa to feel it out... felt nice! &#59;)

We had used up enough of the day, so we started back home. On the way I figured, well, why not stop at Honda Suzuki of Salt Lake and see it I could convince them to let me test ride one. We arrived and started looking. They had one in the colors I wanted, now to see if they would let me ride it. I laid the situation out, and the guy said yes! So I took out both a C50 and an M50. The M50 definitely had more get up and go. But I knew in the long run I'd be happier with the C50.

I did it.

[lightbox http://www.waterman981.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=10158&g2_serialNumber=2 [2008 Suzuki Boulevard C50]][/lightbox]

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