Yeah yeah, I know it's a few days early, but I got my present to myself today! :D Every month I budget some money for playing with. Whether that is HD DVD's, 4-wheeler parts, or computer parts. Last month it was the new receiver. This month a new monitor. I picked up a Samsung 24" LCD.

So now my problem starts. I didn't have the money to replace both of my monitors. I had to replace one as it is broken :(. So I've tried my new one and my good CRT monitor. It just didn't feel right. So I'm just using the one monitor now.

[lightbox [New monitor]][/lightbox]

So it looks pretty good. No dead pixels, no stuck pixels. The bottom is a bit lighter due to the angle and the type of display technology used (TN). We'll see how I feel about that after a couple weeks. But all in all I'm happy with it. Of course the next step in August is to get another one. I've only been using the single monitor for about an hour and I already miss having dual displays. And depending on my profit sharing in August, I'll be getting new desk to fit the two monitors. I'm thinking this guy:

[lightbox [Bush Somerset Desk]][/lightbox]

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